Explore Kansai

Some other resources for information on the kansai area of Japan.

Kansai Scene - I first saw this free magazine while loitering near the pool table at Club Pure. It's pretty thick for a free mag (about 60 pages) and full of tons of info for the kansai area. There are concert listings, festival and art events, movies (domestic and foreign), travel articles and classifieds. Did I mention it's free??

Kansai Flea Market - Another free publication that is also available online. A great resource for housing and jobs, but from what I hear from friends, it's something like the bottom of the barrel. But hey, better than nothing??

OSAKA-INFO -  Is your generic tourist website, but the design is nice..! It's got a lot of local event information like illuminations and festivals, but sometimes the information is only available in Japanese.

GoVoyagin - This is  site that helps you connect with tours run by local residents in Kansai and other areas of Japan and Asia. Bicycle tour through historic Kyoto? I'm sure they've got something for that. How about some passes to USJ? They've got you covered. Did you want to check out a concert while you're here, but not sure how to navigate the tricky convenience store ticket systems? Voyagin can help you out.