Universal Cool Japan 2019 Summer: New Attack on Titan attraction!

1:28 PM

STILL haven't watched this one. Oh well.
So I go to Hawaii for a week, and USJ finally decides to update their Cool Japan site. Go figure. :P

No, but seriously, it's only the one update, and there honestly isn't much more than a premise for the attraction and a message from an editor, but I'm sure this has gotten AoT fans in Japan excited.

The event has been described as a theater attraction where you experience the epic battle of "The Rescue of Wall Maria" (sorry, I don't watch the series so I don't know the official EN title). This attraction is suppose to appear in tandem to the series, which will be airing from April while the attraction starts in May.

Since there isn't much else in terms of promotional material, I'll leave quick translations of the Introduction and Message from the official USJ page.


Warning: Semi-poetic rough translation ahead!
In the year 845, our lives were completely destroyed with appearance of the titans and the fall of the wall. The Wall Maria, destroyed by the titans, protected one third of the lands still inhabited by humankind.

The humans that lost their land and escaped to the protection of the last two remaining walls realized that they had to survive. And yet, they could not defeat the titans.

And then, a young man and his small blade stabbed a titan and threw its head into the ground right before the eyes of the last of humanity. He cried out with pride, with hope, and with anger.

If we can safe the Wall Maria, how will humanity cry out. If humans are to survive, then certainly they must be able to hope. If only we can save the Wall Maria...


Thanks Kawakubo-san!
A message from the editor of Attack on Titan at Kodansha, Shintaro Kawakubo:
USJ is always surprising us with the sheer number of ideas they present straight from the planning process. We've worked together for many years now, and each and every time, they've been able to suggest, then acutally put into practice these amazing ideas.
And every time I think 'they can't possibly think of anything new, right', they're always quick to prove me wrong.
And this year's attraction will be the most intense of them all!
When you think of 'Attack on Titan', fast-paced and overwhelming action comes to mind. Which is why USJ is the perfect place for everyone to experience a true 'AoT' experience. Please stop by.
You're sure to be swept off your feet.

Sorry, I kind of gave up towards the end because I didn't have enough on-hand material to create a titan reference.

Anyway, that's all for now! I'm sure more information will be up by the end of the month, and I'll try to update the article accordingly!


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