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Universal Studios Japan Cool Japan 2019 SPRING TIME

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It's back. Are we surprised?? No. Are we going to go again this year? Probably (that answer is yes, who am I kidding).

If you've been to my site before for Cool Japan information, you know the drill. If not, welcome! Check out my older posts for more in-depth information on the Cool Japan system and, as always, feel free to ask questions below!

Like most things with USJ, I cringed at this commercial.

This year, Cool Japan been divided into two official events, Spring Time and Summer Time. Technically, it's always been two different events, but this is the first time they have given a name to each one.

What's on the Spring Time Schedule?

The spring event only features two series, Detective Conan and Lupin the Third. That's it. Series-wise, it's pretty sparse when compared to previous years, but within each series there are at least two attractions, for a total of 5 attractions for spring.

The details of the summer event are, as yet, not available so this post will only talk about the events in the Spring Time part of Cool Japan 2019.

She is SO excited.

Detective Conan

This year, Detective Conan is back with 3 different attractions: Detective Conan The Escape: The Prolgue of the Blue Sapphire,  Detective Conan Mystery Challenge, and Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant.

Detective Conan The Escape: The Prologue of Blue Sapphire

My immediate first thought was "hold on, sapphires are other colors other than blue" (yes, they are), and then my next thought was "awesome, welcome back to the world of escape games <insert long sigh>".

Original Story (translated from the site)

According to rumors, the 'Siren's Heart', a mysterious gem, is held at (some) mansion where the Suzuki Corp has decided to hold an special 'Mystery Treasure Tour'...! However, the owner of this manson, Suzuki Jirokichi, has really created a series of traps in an attempt to capture the Kaito Kid.

When suddenly, a note from the Kaito Kid appears at the mansion...

You, as a participant in the treasure tour, must work together with Conan to find the hidden treasure before Kaito Kid.But while you're searching for clues with Kogoro (Richard Moore), Rin (Rachel) and Sonoko (Serena), something unexpected happens...!

At every corner, a series of traps are activated as Kaito Kid's shadow plagues your team. Will you and Conan be able to catch Kaito Kid and escape safely...?!

Escapes have been fairly popular in Japan for a few years now, but I have to admit that I'm kind of ready for USJ to let them go, especially since escape games at USJ are, essentially, separate from the park, but they still require a park pass plus a game ticket to participate. If anyone is keeping count, you're already at 11,180 yen (about 100USD) for your USJ trip.

I would be scared too, dude in the red beret.

But, though I may gripe about the price and frequent occurrence of this type of attraction, according to the website, last year's game was extremely well-received, which is why it was brought back this year. Photos from the escape game are pretty impressive, so I could see where that rating would come from and why they would bring this game back.

Unfortunately, from as far as I can tell, this attraction is only offered in Japanese, so I wouldn't participate if you don't have a strong command of the language. Tickets for this escape game can be purchased from USJ's webstore.

Detective Conan Mystery Challenge

This attraction is also a repeat from last year, but unlike the escape game, it doesn't require an extra ticket.

Original Story
Kaito Kid has delivered a mysterious letter and notebook to Universal Studios Japan that reads: "That ancient gem will be mine...!"

Why would he send this notebook to a park that definitely shouldn't have any gems? What's Kaito Kid really after!?

"Uncover the story behind the 'gem of mystery'" is the only hint you get from Heiji (Harley Hartwell) before you have to search around the park for clues to unlocking the code in the notebook.

Will you and Heiji be able to stop the Kaito  Kid?!

This event is not unlike the Yokai Watch treasure hunting event from a few years back. While there isn't much for people that aren't fans of the series (and also can't speak Japanese), it's a great activity for families that doesn't cost extra money and there's little-to-no wait for getting the notebooks.

Not sure if this is actually in the park or if it's just for the advertisements...

Please be aware that there are only a certain number of notebooks available (the exact number is not disclosed), and once they run out, the event is finished for the day. Like with most things at USJ, you had better get there early if you really want to participate, and head to the distribution area.

Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant

Imagine a dinner show, featuring a bunch of characters from an animated TV show, and that's what these attractions boil down to. Much like its One Piece counterpart, this dinner show is (probably) very entertaining and almost always worth the extra fee involved since it does come with a whole meal.

Original Story
A letter from the Kaito Kid has arrived at a restaurant recently opened by the Suzki Corporation.

His target, the phantasmagorical gem called Mysterious Ocean, currently set to be displayed at the restaurant. There was no way that Kaito Kid wouldn't try to come after the most coveted gem in the world.

Among the guests gathered for the delicious grand opening are Suzuki Sonoko (Serena Sebastian), Kyogoku Makoto, brought in by Suzuki Jirokichi to protect the gem, and even Kudo Shinichi...!

Just how is the Kaito Kid planning to break through Makoto and Shinichi's impenetrable guard...

A battle for the gem, right before you eyes...!

For this dinner show, a French course and kid's course is available for 4,980 yen and 2,550 yen respectively and there are 5 shows a day. Tickets must be reserved at least two days in advance and are available online only.

You need a USJ account to purchase the tickets, but anyone (even people outside of Japan) should be able to make an account. Unfortunately, all the information is written in Japanese, and the reseal of attraction tickets like this are strictly prohibited, so I'm not sure if there are any other ways to get these tickets outside of the official website...

If you want a guide on how to use the webstore, though, check out this hella old post that should still be pretty accurate.

The course for the Conan show.

I haven't been to the Conan-specific dinner shows, but I've gone to the Sanji show every year for the last 5 or 6 years, and have never had any complaints about the food. One year, the show did seem a little half-assed, but I liked the 2018 show so much, I went twice!

Lupin the Third

This is a new entry for USJ's Cool Japan program, and I'm wondering if there's a movie or something on the horizon because I can't say Lupin has been doing much these days (turns out that was a TV special going on). This is also another series I have no interest in, so apologies in advance if the describes are hilariously inaccurate or lackluster.

Lupin the Third Car Chase XR Ride

Using the Space Fantasy indoor roller coaster facility, USJ has created yet another XR ride. Last year, it was a Final Fantasy (which was awesome, by the way), and the year before... At some point, there was a Kyary XR ride. My point is, this isn't necessarily new and if you've been on any of the previous XR rides, you already know what to expect.

THAT being said, I really enjoyed the FF ride from last year, so I am looking forward to trying out this Lupin version.

Express Pass tickets are available, for just this ride or together with the Conan attractions, but these passes will set you back 2,680 yen and 4,780 yen respectively. A pass for the Lupin ride is also included in several other Express Pass booklets, probably because those booklets originally had passes for Space Fantasy the Ride.

Lupin the Third Ristorante Amore

This is the first year that I've seen this kind of attraction for Cool Japan, and if my spidey-senses are correctly, it's probably not going to go smoothly.

Off in a restaurant in a certain European country...

As you in sit in the restaurant, enjoying your traditional Italian meal, the elusive Lupin appears, on the run from Police Inspector Zenigata.

Let Lupin steal your heart as quips and slips his way around the watchful eyes of the guards.

Fall in love with the world's greatest thief within the walls of the greatest restaurant on earth...!

Though it has similar trappings, this "entertainment restaurant" seems to be different from the Sanji Restaurant and Detective Conan dinner shows. Advance tickets are not needed to enter, you can choose from 5 main dishes and 4 desserts, and it looks like there is no story involved. Additionally, the prices of the dishes are about 2,000 yen cheaper at 2,680 yen per set (3,680 yen if you purchase the Express Pass set, only available in the park).

According to the official site, there is a time limit of 70 minutes, and photos are allowed at the discretion of USJ staff. Depending on the actors, photos may be allowed when they approach the table. On a separate page of the site, USJ states that live streaming is prohibited, touching of the actors is not allowed, and actors cannot give handshakes or signatures (this request is common at Japanese theme parks). Additionally, they request that cameras not be left on the table to record the show, they ask customers to not to make pose requests to the actors when taking photos, and that customers not use the flash on their cameras. No specific rule regarding taking video, but I'll see what happens if I go.

A professional photo will be available for purchase, but there are currently no details other than this auspicious photo.

Attractions for Detective Conan and Lupin the Third will be available until June 23rd, about a month after the summer portion of this event begins. The details for summer are not available yet, but once they are public, I will translate and share them here. Stay tuned! :)

In the meantime, if you want to check out some video on Cool Japan, why not check out some videos on my YouTube Channel (you can even subscribe if you really enjoy yourself).

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