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One of the vlogs! Watch!

So the times, they are changing, a bit, and I find myself more and more interested in video-ing adventures as opposed to sitting down to write them out later. There are several advantages to this method of blogging; mostly that I don't have to force myself to remember what I did. This results in a much more accurate re-telling, and thus more accurate information for those looking to make a trip. BUT, editing a video is, at times, rage-inducing and time consuming.

I guess the TL;DR would be I'm lazy, but for whatever reason, I'm not so lazy when it comes to vlogging. σ(゚ー^*)

So you can find me on YouTube under the username nanairomiso (same as the blog). It's nothing terribly fancy, but I'm got about 60 or so videos chronicling various points throughout my time (now six years) in Osaka. An interesting little time capsule.

I'll list a few of my more recent blogs, but feel free to subscribe or comment and let me know what other types of video blogs you'd like to see!

3-ish-Day Trip to Taiwan

Weird Restaurants and Universal Studios Japan

Fun Facts about Kansai

Please check out my YouTube channel if you'd like to see more! Some ideas I have for future videos are Art Book Reviews (where to buy and some of my faves), Learning Weird and definitely not useful Japanese with dramaCDs (lawl), and any other random idea that pops into my head. Suggestions are welcome (because really, I'm terrible at this lol).

The next proper blog post will be on our trip to Taiwan - How to get out of Kansai cheap and easy!


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