11th Nipponbashi Street Festa & Cosplay Festival 2015

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Note the silicon wristband.

11th Nipponbashi Street Festa & Cosplay Festival 2015

The street festival is back for 2015! This time, it will take place on a Saturday, March 21st!

Originally, I wasn't going to post information in regards to the festival, and then I realized there is almost no information on sooo.. I'd better get to it.

If you're looking for a place to get some cosplaying done in Japan, this is it! Nipponbashi Street Festa is an annual festival that takes place in Osaka's Nipponbashi area (not to be confused with the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo). This area is commonly referred to as Den-Den Town as it used to be filled with electric shops, though now it is the anime and gaming hub of Osaka. Here, you'll find maid cafe's, maid and cat cafes, and garcon (butler) cafes! OH, and shops stocked with all the latest new and used anime and video gaming goods.

During the festival, a section of Sakaisuji is closed to automotive traffic, and participants and sightseers are allowed to roam the streets and through shops freely. There are also many booths set up by various companies and at the main stage of the festival, there is a super sentai show. I won't translate everything going on (there is A LOT of written info), but I'll try to hit on the important points.

March 21st, 2015
Opening Ceremony is from 12pm
There will be booths for changing into cosplay, as wearing cosplaying in public comes very close to breaking Japan's obscenity laws, where staff members will check cosplays for appropriateness. I would assume these are open much earlier than 12, but the headquarters is only from 11am so... be ready for a queue if you plan on cosplaying.

The changing rooms for cosplay will be open from 10am until 5pm.

Showing up to the festival already in cosplay is not allowed, so please use the designated changing areas to change into your cosplay.


Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to put in the map widget! ;n;

Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nipponbashi 5-8-21 NTT Nipponbashi Bldg. 1F
TEL 06-6655-1717
Hours of Operation: 11:00~19:00
Official Website

Here is the address of the area that will be operating as the headquarters for the event. The festival itself is pretty easy to find from any of the nearby stations, like Nipponbashi Station or Ebisucho Station, as it covers most of Sakaisuji and its surrounding blocks.


The 3 main events are divided between the Higashi-hiroba Schedule (東広場スケジュール), Parade Schedule (パレードスケジュール) and Stage Time Schedule (ステージタイムスケジュール), which you can see highlighted in orange on the map above (Jpn only). Most of the events will occur between 12pm and 3pm.

Higashi-hiroba Schedule Page (東広場スケジュール) (Jpn)
Parade Schedule (パレードスケジュール) (Jpn)
Stage Time Schedule (ステージタイムスケジュール) (Jpn)

There are also tons small events going on in the cafes, clubs, and event spaces in the area, which you can view under the Route Event Page. These events are divided into areas A through J.

Route Event Page (沿道イベント紹介) (Jpn)

I think these events are by far the most interesting, and include things like voice actor events, so you'll definitely want to go through these pages.

Cosplay Festival Participation Rules

Though this event is all about having fun and experiencing anime and gaming culture, there are some important rules in place to make sure things run smoothly and that the event can continue in the future.

Cosplay Participation Wristband

  • Those interested in cosplaying or taking photos of cosplayers at the event are required to buy a Cosplay Participation badge. It's a red silicon wristband that can be purchased before the event from a number of stores for 1500 yen, and is to be worn on the day of the event.
  • As mentioned before, cosplayers are required to use the changing rooms set up by the event so that staff can check that costumes are suitable for being displayed in public. If your costume is deemed unsuitable for the public, you will not be allowed to leave the changing rooms with the costume on, so dress accordingly! (Also, there a ton of kids at this event to see the sentai performances so let's just be nice and spare their parents the birds and bee convo for now).
  • Don't put on make-up or fix wigs and such in the changing rooms (too many people obvs).
  • Do not wear your cosplay to the event, please use the changing rooms for changing into your cosplay.
  • No taking up space at places of business (don't make a photoshoot out of your cafe visit). It happens.
  • There are a lot of cameramen at the event, but if you feel like someone is being icky or creepy, feel free to report them to a member of staff .
  • No costumes that play music.

Rules Regarding Costumes

  • The following are considered indecent exposure (and thus not permitted to leave the changing rooms): Not wearing underwear, Short costumes with no undershorts or drawers, Costumes that are just like swimsuits or underwear, Costumes that are just body paint, Swimsuit or bloomer-type shorts that don't have tights underneath.
  • These items are also prohibited: Costumes that could hurt other people, costumes with powder, costumes that haven't dried completely, bloody costumes, costumes that emit strong lights or smells.
  • No costumes that look like police officers, nurses or doctors, security officers, or other uniforms designated by law. Obviously, cosplays like MGS or Trauma Center are fine, but don't come in with an exact replica of an actual police uniform, and expect to be let outside.
I have seen Silent Hill cosplays before, so I think as long as the blood isn't dripping across the ground everywhere, you're safe.
  • Fake weapons (buster swords, staffs, etc) are allowed, but they ask they you stay aware of your surroundings and not flail around.

Rules Regarding Photography

  • Always ask for permission from the cosplayer before taking photos.
  • Taking photos without some kind of recognition from the cosplayer (via eye contact, etc.) is prohibited and staff may ask to check your photos (to make sure you're not an creeper perv).
  • Do not take photos that may cause trouble with traffic. If staff decide that your photoshoot is disrupting traffic, they may ask you to stop.
  • Taking low-angle photos are prohibited. If caught taken these kinds of photo, they will check your data and report you to police. Also, the use of any lenses that can peer up skirts will be subject to the same rule (basically, don't be like those creepy train molesters).
  • Erotic photos of the chest, etc., even if OK'd by the cosplayer, are prohibited.
  • If they think you've broken any of these rules, they can confiscate your electronic devices for a content check. If caught will illegal material, you'll be handed over to the police.
  • Please wear the silicon wristband during the festival.

Rules Regarding the Changing Rooms

  • It's gonna be pretty busy, so please change as quickly as possible. No exchanging business cards or hanging out in the changing rooms.
  • Please change between 10am and 5pm.
  •  Any items stolen will be the sole responsibility of the owner. There is a space for placing luggage near the changing rooms, however keep all important items on your person.
  • Changing rooms close at 5pm, and at the time of closing, there may be a long line, so please change as soon as possible.
  • Please do as instructed by staff.
  • After changing, waiting around the changing area is not permitted.
  • Not photography is permitted in the area around the changing rooms.
The street will be closed to traffic from 12pm until 3pm. Photography in the streets outside of that time frame is prohibited. Because you could be hit by a car (let's be smart).

It seems like a lot of rules, the event is still pretty laid back. Just be smart about what you wear and what you do, and you should be fine!

Also, this is my third year going and I'm finally cosplaying. So excited!! :D

Questions, Comments or Concers? Just ask below!
I'll get back to you ASAP!


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