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Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Minami Funaba 4-10-19

MexiCanaria is situated between Midosuji and Yotsubashi-suji, and just north of Nagahoribashi-suji. This area, also known as Kitahorie, is fairly popular for it's large variety of small and unique bars and restaurants. The closest train station is Shinsaibashi Station on the Yotsubashi, Midosuji, and Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Lines. I would suggest using Exit 3, which is on Midosuji, so that you can check out the unique shops of Kitahorie before settling down into your margarita. MexiCanaria is also located on the same block as PLATINUM OSAKA, a very nice club for those sick of the over-active Namba scene (can you tell I'm getting old?). Check out a Google Map HERE.

Del Sol!!
Is it alright for me to start off with their drink menu? I dearly hope you won't think less of me. :)

Anyway, it should come as no surprise to you well-versed travelers that MexiCanaria offers margaritas. But what you may not know is that MexiCanaria is the first bar in Japan to specialize in the beergarita (is that even what it's called??). This is a godsend for all of the poor, overworked souls in Osaka, especially since these start at 980 yen. Just to give you a better perspective, a much smaller, and less exciting, margarita will still run you 740 yen.

Mexicanaria's beergarita's are currently offered in the following flavors:
🍺Coronarita - FMargarita + Corona 980 yen
🍺Pinky Bell - Berry FMargarita + Cherry Beer 1280 yen
🍺Del Sol - Mango FMargarita + Sol 1180 yen
🍺Sexy Rossa - Orange FMargarita + ROSSA 1280 yen

Great, fruity beer!
They also have a lovely selection of wine and beer, all at equally generous prices. I think the bottles of beer were running for about 500 yen a piece (mostly Mexican and Japanese), with another menu for red, white, and sparkling wine.

[I'll be going again on Wednesday after work, so I might amend this section with the prices from the wine menu as well.]

I think MexiCanaria will turn into a great after-work or pre-clubbing spot because the price is just so right.

Mussels in Fancy, Delicious Soup - 980 yen
I'm certain I've mentioned this before, but I'm not big on food. I like what I like, and almost without any reason besides that it's just good. This is one of those times. All of the food was GOOD. Authentic? I'm not sure if mussels are one of those traditional Mexican appetizers, but they were delicious! They're steamed in this nifty yellow soup that tastes like heaven, and they're not stingy with the serving sizes. Shota and I were able to share a bucket without fighting over the last piece (a rarity as Shota has a SMBH for a stomach).

Ocotpus & Potato Salad TOGETHER
We also ordered octopus potato salad for another appetizer, which Shota, surprisingly, was not very keen on. He's generally a lover of all things ocean-based, but he said this potato salad tastes like western food (okayWAT), which is why I liked it I guess? I'm pretty sure it's actually just delicious and he's just picky about how he takes his potato salad (he REALLY is picky about that).

I ate most of this and have no regrets.

Our main dish was their Mixed Fajitas. This set comes with beef, chicken, and shrimp, and some awesome seasoning. I have no idea what it was, but it was a little sweet and spicy, all rolled up into DAMN GOOD. Seriously, I don't usually do fajitas (prefer chimichangas myself), but I would eat their fajitas anytime, everyday. Shota did complain that they don't offer nearly enough guacamole, sour cream and salsa, but the main dish was only 1680 yen, which is hella reasonable, especially for two people! Can't complain about condiments with a deal like that, or can you??

I can't comment on any of the other dishes they have, but I do hope I get a chance to try everything..! This is the first time I've been to a restaurant, and thoroughly enjoyed everything they put on my table. Here's hoping this good run continues!🎆

MexiCanaria is a bit off the beaten path, definitely away from the noise of Namba and America-mura, so I highly recommend for dates or the otherwise making of moods. It's surrounded by a few other bars and boutiques, so MexiCanaria could serve as a nice repast after a busy day of exploring or as an intro to an exciting night.

Inside it feels like they were going for sophisticated vintage with an edge. Each wall has a different color paint job, and all of the tables are like kitschy ironwork with a small MOD corner in the back, but the unifying theme seems to be calaveras, or women painted with calaveras.
Ceilings and Calaveras
Screens and Calaveras
Walls and Calaveras
Skateboards and Calaveras
There are also some seats out in front of the restaurant, which I fully intend on using come summer!

I'm already in love with MexiCanaria and it just opened May 29th! The price range is so reasonable, it's suspicious, and I keep telling everyone it's gonna go up. The food is legit tasty, with a nice variety for meat eaters, fish eaters and plant eaters alike (I don't know if it's vegan safe though). As of when I last went, it was still pretty low-key and quiet, but if this place takes off, like it should, expect to wait for a seat. And then do wait for that seat, because it's worth it.

Or just make a reservation. :)

If I had some star rating system, I would give them all the stars. ALL OF THEM.

Thanks for reading! If you liked this sad, artistic interpretation of what a review is, check out some other places under the Things To Do tab or if you'd like me to scout out some places for you, leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail. Suggestions are always welcome! Also, check out the We Love Kansai TUMBLR for more photos!

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