☆Universal Studios Japan - One Piece Premiere Show 春編(Spring Arc)☆

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Universal Studios Japan 2014

This was my first trip to USJ this year! I wanted to go for the Monster Hunter event in March, but it was still quite cold out, and the idea of standing in line for 2 hours to have freezing wind blown at my face on a jet coaster wasn't so appealing.

Instead, I saved my first time for a visit to the One Piece Premiere Show 2014. This was their first time doing a spring event, so I think that was why the theme was about meeting Portgas D. Ace again (which made me so very happy).

He was only in the show for all of 10 minutes but, you know, he was there.


One Piece Premiere Show 2014 Spring

As we'd been to the event before, we decided to dress up this time around! Female characters that are not scantily clad or without outrageously large boobs seem to be in short supply within the OP universe, so we took to our fave characters for inspiration instead.

This time around we did Law and Brook! We got lots of sweet photos taken with quite a few other guests. :>

Next I'm thinking about doing Kuzan, but I don't think anyone will recognize me.. I might try some female version of Ace instead (so Ace costume + crop top).

But then there's also Harry Potter!! Coming very, very soon! I've already entered the lottery for early access passes (just 2), so now I've got to start collecting for my HP costume/school uniform tooo.

Ahh, so many fandoms, so little money.  :<

Anyway, the OP event isn't much different from the summer version. There weren't any MARINE decorations near JAWS this time, but I'm not sure if that was because it was the last week, or because it just wasn't a part of the spring version.

Also, Sanji's Restaurant was also sold out (AGAIN), so I couldn't show off my fancy outfit to Sanji.. We're going to try again in summer though. We just had to make due at the other OP restaurant, complete with Jurassic Park dinos and overpriced curry. KANPAI!

Last year that was a huge statue (grave?) for Whitebeard and Ace, but since the theme for spring was about meeting Ace again, they brought out a nice Ace statue! There were a lot of people staring at us when we took out photo, so we have a sort of deer in the headlights look. Hehe.

A Brook cosplay also wouldn't be complete without his fabulous leap either. I knew all that cheerleading practice would pay off one day.

Sadly, there wasn't much else related to OP. You actually wouldn't be able to tell there was a OP event unless you wandered to the back of the park where the show is. Possibly related to this being the first spring event, but still a bit of a minus.

Aaaaaand that's all for photos this time. Sadly, they've prohibited photos at the actual show now, so now all I have are the grainy memories from last year, but it's still worth seeing if you're a fan of One Piece.

Also, if you're coming from somewhere far out, I would suggest buying the most expensive seats otherwise you'll be left staring at side characters or dancers for most of the evening. Not terrible, seeing as the main characters will run by time and again, but also not worth it if you're coming from somewhere far.

The summer show is supposed to have a completely new story, probably mostly unrelated to the series, but probably equally as entertaining. The banter between characters is well done, but since it's only done in Japanese without any kind of language help for non-Japanese guests, that's also a minus.

I don't want to end this post with minus, so I'll end with this instead. Zoro was the same Zoro as last year, and still very hot. Plus.


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