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☆Kansai Double-Tap☆ O-Hanami in Osaka Castle Park 2014年

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I have to admit... I'm a creature of habit. I do things once, and if I like it, I do it again, the exact same way. I suppose I need a guarantee that the outcome will be as good (fun/exciting/exhilarating) as the first time (when is it ever?), and I always find that the pains taken to explore a new place rarely ever seem worth it.

That was rather dark, but I suppose that is just a personal thing I have to work at. Until then, enjoy another round at Osaka Castle park! This time during the day (I think that actually is a first...)! We didn't BBQ or anything, just bought a bunch of alcohol, popped a squat on the bench and listened to an assortment of rock music (she's my rock n' roll sister).

Oh, and we took a lot of, maybe slightly drunken, photos. But really, what else is hanami for?

Osaka Castle Park is literally surrounded by stations from JR and the subway. For the subway, there is Morinomiya Station, Osaka Business Park Station, Tenmabashi Station and Tanimachi 4-chome on the Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi, Tanimachi and Chuo Lines respectively, while the closest JR stations are Morinomiya Station and Osakajokoen Station. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from each of the stations (except for Osakajokoen Station, which drops you off right in front of the park).


O-Hanami Spots in Osaka – Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle Park is easily the most popular and well-known park in Osaka. The “park” is actually all of the greenery surrounding Osaka Castle, and unlike most parks, it is open after dark, making it a great place to go for night-time o-hanami.

The outer moat of Osaka Castle is lined with benches and sakura, offering a large number of o-hanami locations. To the south of the castle is the largest expanse of sakura, a small stretch of walk-way between the parking for tour buses and the castle. This is on of the more popular areas for o-hanami, especially at night, so if you're looking for a quieter area, you might want to try some of the cheery trees tucked away in corners to the west of the castle.

 If you want to check some other Osaka Castle park stuff, try these videos I made from my last 2 trips! :)

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