Girls' Day

♥Happy Girls' Day! おひな祭り♥

11:25 PM

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm still stuck between time at the office then working at the home office, so I don't have anytime to type up anything decent. There are quite of few more helpful things I want to write about (plus a video to edit) but in the meantime, I thought I'd share some Girls' Day photos from a trip back to Shota's mum's house. Lots of cake and sushi was eaten.

We went to a small mom and pop sushi place in Nabari called Kotobuki. It was delicious but I wasn't able to eat much due to a stomach ache. Dangit.

So I started teaching my niece about selfies. Never too young to learn.

You can see the children surrounding the cake eagerly. All hands on deck. But first..

Photos of the only girl from the youngest generation! She's such a smartie too.

 It had been a while since we had the family together too, so we all decided to get in on the photos, even the non-hina's. :) I don't know if we'll be getting together for Boy's/Children's Day in May, but I do hope we get together again soon.

This time all the hinas, though the mums are missing. I believe they were fussing over... something.

And the cakes! I can't say they were very sweet (are they ever??) but the kids enjoyed getting the icing all over their faces. Some of it might have made it into their mouths.

Then we hopped back on the train to Osaka. Care package in tow of course, full of goodies like senbei and green tea. This was only our 2nd trip to Nabari this year, which is unfortunate because I miss hanging out with his family. I think we'll try to make a bit more of an effort to see them for the rest of the year though. :)


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