Goodbye 2013~~!!♪

9:32 PM

This is me (well, obviously, it's Bingley, but for this little spiel, let's pretend). Peeping out from my hiding place from what has been a more than eventful 2013. For the last month or two of the year, it's levelled out, but I have to be honest when I say I wasn't sure I was going to make it through this year in one piece.

Between family issues, medical issues, and job issues, I feel (or at least hope) that I've learned a lot and that perhaps I'll be able to cope better with whatever comes along next. I think I'm going to do my first Hatsumode though, just in case hoping isn't enough.

Anyway, since I've been awfully remiss in my blogging duties, my Android phone and Google+ account have put together a video of my last year and I have to admit.. I'm impressed. Google may be a bit invasive.. but damn if it doesn't do it so well.

Looking back through stuff like this, I suppose 2013 wasn't SUCH a terrible year after all. But I'm glad we're moving on!

Here's too an even more amazing 2014!! LET'S DO THIIIIISSSSS

(Did I mention Harry Potter land in Osaka?! 2014, you can't wrong~~)

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