Daily Life: ♪♫All the Leaves are Brown♪♫ A Summary of Summer

8:50 AM

What's this? Another post? Less than a month apart?
I know, it's crazy. But I was going through my photos and I realized I had.. well, nothing really important to share. But a few notables from my summer this year.

For one, my cousin was recently married to her Brazilian beau! A lovely wedding ceremony for close family ensued, and I got to see my nephew dressed like a real dapper gentleman. :)

And theeeeen, I went to NY with Shota and his parents!!
Where I had one of theeese!! It was amazing. And my mother-in-law loved it.

We did some other NY stuff like sightseeing and watching musicals on Broadway (we saw Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, quite entertaining!) and eating copious amounts of American foods (ohh BBQ, how I miss yoou), but the real icing on the cake...

THE DAILY SHOW!! A couple of friends and I went out for margaritas and political satire, a great way to begin any summer really. This was, of course, after John Oliver had taken over for Stewart, but either Jo(h)n is fine with me.
But no seriously, he was funny. And the crowd smart. Almost too smart..

We also had lunch at Ellen's Stardust Diner, which was awesome! Singing wait staff are the best, and our guy was extremely nice/adorable and a great singer. I hope he lands a starring role on Broadway someday. :)

And then I came back to Japan and learned that a bunch of my friends had moved to Osaka, so this happened, an outing at BarONE, which was actually pretty chill. I enjoyed the crowd more than usual. The free champagne was a nice bonus.

Then we went to the movies (...I think we saw Iron Man 3), and I saw this poster. And I wept for cinema.
Did anyone actually see this flick?? I can't really imagine anyone spending theater cash on this one.

Then I made friends with Yana! I love meeting new people! :)
On the day we took this purikura, we went to check out a FRUiTS Snap event being held in Shinsaibashi. I don't think I made it into the FRUiTS book, but it was nice meeting the owner of SPINNS and some of the designers. Over all, a cool a$$ day.

Meeting the owner of SPINNS, God-san ------>
I can now say I've stared into the face of God, and he was hairy. And very funny.

I'll post more photos from that one my tumblr! :)

The rest of the summer was filled a bunch of events, some put together by friends, and one featuring my band! And we were lucky to have a ton of awesome support (thanks again Maha!! >w<) which really is priceless (though it cost everyone there 500 yen.. ;o; ). But I'm so glad they showed!! :D
At a friend's event in Kyobashi! It was.. interesting..
My band's, SecondLady's, event in Nagahori! X3
All-you-can-drink at Giraffe in Dotonbori~
There were colorful drag queens.
Then we went to the Don Quixote around the corner and found this..! O_O
And I also went to outdoor yoga with some friends I hadn't seen in almost 2 years!! Good times :)
Then I went to Kosho's reggae even in ..somewhere. Near Toyonaka. A bunch of cool people~

Also, I went to my niece's ballet recital. Not really in that order, but relevant nonetheless.
I was quite impressed with her level of determination. She barely has a firm hold on the whole walking business, and she's already tackling new forms of expression. AND she wants to learn English. Quite the go-getter. :)

And that's most of my summer in a series of randomly arranged photos. I have to admit that I spent a majority of it hiding from the heatwave in my house. I got bored enough to start Final Fantasy XIII, which I hadn't opened since I bought it back in 2011.

My favorite character so far is the chocobo that lives in Sazh's hair. Yeah... I think that says a great deal about the story this time (and subsequently, the characters). But really, I just needed an RPG to pass the time. I get my real good-times from Borderlands (STILL. 2nd playthrough).

OHH, almost forgot. My friend opened up a new skateboard shop in kita horie with one of his friends! So there was an opening party, but I made a video for that. :)

Sorry if there are any issues with the way things are being displayed. Blogger is being really wonky and code is jumping all over the place. It makes it a real challenge to focus on just writing when you're constantly rearranging all the text and photos. :/ Très weird.
Anyway, that's most of my summer..! I hope everyone else had an awesome summer as well! I'm on the lookout for summer updates from my blogroll @v@


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