★Events★ Nipponbashi Street Festa in Osaka

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Well heller there!
Long time no see! Once the weather got warmer, I just decided to abandon my computer for... Borderlands (because that's definitely relevant to the weather).

Needless to say, I beat Borderlands and am now working on my second playthrough, but the urgent need to play has passed, plus I finished the pile of historic romance novels I compiled onto my kindle. And it's not that I'm finding ways to avoid blogging, but when you start reading other people's stuff, it definitely makes it that much harder to get back into.

ANYWAY, enough with the rambling, I'm here to share a yearly Osakan event that I finally attended for the first time this year. I originally wanted to go in 2011, but they cancelled it because of the earthquake. I have no idea if it went on last year (a simple Google search would resolve that ignorance but pffftt), but I made an extra effort to drag myself out of my house at 2pm to go.

I ended up missing the stage events (さすがアリースちゃん(; ̄д ̄)ハァ↓↓) but I was able to snap a few photos of cosplayers. Most of fun is in video form though, which I've yet to string together into awesome sooo that will just have to be shared later.

In the meantime, check out some of the cosplays!! Makes me wish I had the skills for cosplaying..o(TヘTo) くぅ

 The first one I had the courage to ask for a photo from, the always relevant and awesome Sailor Moon cosplay. I still have a Sailor Mercury costume holed up somewhere that I will probably never wear but #kanyeshrug These two ladies were adorable! I love me some Dark Lady. I would just prance around in that pink wig in my house. Just let that mental image sink in a bit. (◕ฺー≦)ノ

 And then there was this schnazzy Skull Kid from Legend of Zelda. I never played the whole game (I didn't own a N64), but my b.f.f. was/is a huuuuge Zelda fan and had a ton of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask merch. So really, this photo was for her, but it's also a flawlessly executed cosplay that deserves all the thumbs-ups in the world. Plus DAT POSE. Werk it Skull Kid~

I saw this lovely cosplayer for Chii from Chobits towards the end of the street parade. I'm ashamed (except not really) to admit that I was a huuuge CLAMP fan back in the day and world fiercely defend all their works, even if it made little sense or came with a barely-satisfying ending buuut.. such is youth. I know better now and have recently started watching One Piece (i.e. lesson not learned).

I have no idea what these cosplays are supposed to be from, but they were very friendly and so a photo was taken. I feel like I've seen the costume in the middle before but... Nope, nothing. Anyone else know where it's from??

AND THEN THE OLD-SCHOOL CYCLOPS!! I was looking for Gambits and Jean Greys for the rest of the day. I need to find where he picked that costume up or get him to make me one..!

 And then this baby-faced Solid Snake popped out from under his box. No seriously though, he's tots adorable. Like I want to pinch his (face) cheeks, but I feel like I might be put into a headlock or something.

Now check this out..!! A set of triplets! Triple KITT cars!! I wasn't alive when this series was running, nor have I a big enough dose of eighties nostalgia to want to go back and watch all 90 episodes (I will spend my time with the first season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers thank you), but THAT is a good looking car.

It's even got the KITT interior. Surely, it must fly. Surely. Also, I'd be more into getting a license if I had one of these to drive (read: accident).

And no costuming event would be complete without a Captain Jack Sparrow. The ladies always love a Captain Jack Sparrow.

The rest of the day was spent running around with friends, taking a little video, doing a little drinking and them some gaming at Round1!! There's no better way to end a geeky day than at the arcade floor of the Sports Stadium in Round1.

I wore this silly outfit because I don't have fancy cosplay clothes. Instead, I built my outfit around the ridiculous idea of being a post-apocalyptic zombie hunter (?? mostly it's just the zombie hunter t-shirt). Because two jackets is always necessary (no, it was, since it was quite chilly that night) and all zombie hunters need garters. Don't want to be caught with your socks 'round your ankles (though that would be impossible in knee-high boots)...!!

About Nipponbashi Street Festa
Nipponbashi Street Festa is a yearly street parade and festival that goes on in Osaka's Nipponbashi area. The Nipponbashi area is often compared to Akihabara in that it's seen as a mecca of sorts for anime and video game fans in the kansai-area. It doesn't have the glitz of the now famous Akihabara, but you can easily a large Gundam poster lurking on a building nearby. On the day of the festa (usually a Sunday), Nipponbashi Street Shotengai is quartered off and families and cosplayers roam the road, checking out events, special sales, but mostly importantly, costumes.

You can find the official site here.

This was longer than expected, as usual, so I'm gonna try my hand at doing shorter entries. Like this crazy ghost story my co-worker told me about!! But you'll have to come back to hear about that. ;)


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