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5:58 PM

Why hello there..!!

Long time, no see..! I hope everyone is well :)

April has begun, and though it started a tad hectic, I think it's mostly settled down into something manageable. :P

But this post isn't about me (only lol), it's about sakura, Japanese cherry blossoms, that have already done their fleeting dance through most parks and temples in Japan.

This year's sakura seemed particularly ..short..? It lasted maybe a good 2 weeks, while I feel like last year they were around for almost a month. I have no idea how long they actually lasted, and my memory has a tendency to obscure the facts of what actually happened sooo... Oops maybe. :)

These first two photos were taken at the small shrine located in Ame-mura in Shinsaibashi. The shrine is unfortunately quite rundown and usually covered with a bit rubbish from nearby, but the beautiful sakura were easily able to distract you from all that ;)

And then BOOM face time. Lol One of the oddly warm days from March, so we had to take to the out of doors. I think we were starting to get a bit of cabin fever from being inside all winter. :E

By the end of March, I was finishing up at the bar and was able to catch a couple photos of some night timey sakura. These are right off of Sennichimae street, in front of the National Bunraku Theatre in Osaka.

Some of the sakura peeping out of the temples in Shitennoji.
Some sakura situated near one of the entrances to Osaka Castle Park.
Then I met up with some new Osaka residents for some daytime sakura watching. The migration from a night being to a person of daylight will hopefully results in clearer photos like this. :) This was in Utsubo Park in Honmachi, which I just learned used to be a U.S. Army airfield. Now it's a lovely park decorated with sakura..! Crazy~

I couldn't do sakura watching with my bandmates without a little video this year as well..! We went earlier than last year, so there were quite a few people out enjoying some night viewing, but eventually we got a little practice in too. :) Enjoy!!

And now! I'm going to get to some drawing done but I will also get to editing those photos about the Nipponbashi Street Festa too!! 

Take Care

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