being sick in Japan

★The Worst is Over★ Hospital & Clinic Vlog

4:14 AM

Hey guys! The cold weather has finally broken up a bit, and I'm taking in as much sunshine as possible. (This photo isn't actually from the warmer days, hence all the layers lol) BUT since the seasons started changing, I got sick, as per usual every time the seasons change.

Usually, it's nothing more than a week or two of headaches, and maybe a fever, and then it's over. But this time, it was a stomach flu. During my first week at my new part-time gig. Nice way to show them how weak-sauce my immune system is. :< But I was able to get medicated and sleep-off most of it, and I was back at work the next day. Yay..!

Since my thankfully short visit to the hospital, I thought it would be nice to do a vlog on hospitals and clinics in Japan. I feel like I might have missed a few points though, so if you think there's anything I should add, just let me know..! :)

Did you see that horrible break-out I'm going through right now?? I'm going to have to steal some of Maha's Okinawan face masks so I can be all purty too :3

Okay peoples! Off to bed so that I can do something other than lounge in my p.j.'s all day tomorrow. :)
Take care!


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