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3:29 AM

I think I have a mostly clear history of drifting along through life. And I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way. More of in a rolling with the punches, going with whatever comes your way type of life. It has it's frustrating points, but I could probably say that I've been lucky. Thus far.

It has recently come to my subconscious' attention, however, that I should probably get on with it already. Drifting along works fine while under the roof of another, seeing as you ultimately don't have control over a number of things, but I've been on my own (i.e. parents-nashi) for the better part of... a few years ;) And I've stayed in that drift mode. And that's no good.. Change is good.

So I'm changing, many mostly inconsequential things, lifestyle choices, mentalities, outlooks, bit by bit. Results aren't always immediately available, but when they show up, I can't help listening to 'Booyah Achieved' by Minus the Bear. Booyah Achieved INDEED.

A change worth mentioning is that I dropped my job at the bar. What started out as a truly exciting and unique experience had turned into some misunderstood vendetta against my unwillingness to fall in line with my fellow gold-diggers (I've never had much of an attachment to gold anyway). Basically, I didn't want to conform the way the owner wanted me to, and that created a huge rift between that was ultimately filled with passive aggressive remarks and, needless to say, awkward conversations around customers.

So I gave my month (?? two weeks is too short? really??) notice and stuck it out until another girl was able to join the staff full-time. And I even cried on my last day. Like a punk :<

I did get this fantastic parfait-shaped candle from a customer who I only met once, but was just a genuine sweetheart. I'm torn between lighting it, or just letting it collect dust. I already threw away the plastic bag. Oops.

I don't mean to seem horrendously cheesy, but spring is perfect for fresh starts. I'll be starting a new, much more exciting, gig from April (I can't really talk about it much because of NDA's, but it deals in translation), but in order to grab this opportunity, I had to leave behind much more certain and stable, options like teaching on a more full-time basis. That decision was HARD (the money is always tempting), but ultimately, teaching English has nothing to do with what I want to do once I go back to the States (whenever that may be), and we can only waste so much time before there's none left.

So I'm going out on a bit of a limb. We'll see if it pays off by summer or autumn I suppose. I better strike that balance between decision-making and drifting, because I feel like relying on either for too long may take me places I'm not sure I want to go. Just yet. I guess.

Oh! I finally made the jump to the next generation of Windows. I've been running XP since Vista came out, and definitely been object to changing my OS's, but the portability of the Surface has had me in it's clutches since I first saw it last year. I was a little patient, and waited around for the Pro version, so that it's more an ultrabook than a tablet. I'm glad I finally made the jump, but I'm not getting rid of this Alienware either. Besides the fact that it's still in working condition (Firefox tends to give it the lags).. the memories..! Man, I really am a sucker :>

Sorry if most of that seemed inexplicably cryptic LOL
Anyway!! I'll be having a post about the Nipponbashi Street Festa that went on last week coming up this week (I get a small vacation before the new gig), and that'll have some video too, so that's exciting :3 And hopefully I'll get some cherry blossom viewing/midday drinking done as well, and I might make something for that. Though honestly, sakura don't change much year to year. :)

Hope your spring is going well!
Take Care!!

Also, just cause. Memories and my dreams, all in one lol

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