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3:20 AM

Hello All!! How was your January?? Going well I hope..! Osaka has been usually warm these past few days, which is great when you've got to get around by bike, but these warm days are usually followed by deathly cold ones. Not looking forward to the next week. :<

Anyhow! My bandmates and I (SECONDLADY is our name :>) are participating in the Hard Rock Cafe's Hard Rock Rising competition..! It's a global competition, but we've registered for the Osaka region. Right now, we're in the voting phase of the contest, and if we pass, we will perform with 9 other bands at the Hard Rock Cafe in Osaka for a chance to perform at the semi-finals..! It's kind of a long shot, and we're still a young band, but we're going to do our best. Unfortuantely, we can't do it alone! We need help from family, friends and fans (if you like what you hear ;) ).

If you live in Japan and like what you hear, we would love your support in this competition. You can help us out by going to this link on the Hard Rock Cafe Osaka Facebook site, and clicking the DOWNLOAD button to download our track 'Object Affection'. Your download counts as one vote for us..! YAY! :) (And you can vote for more than one band too!)

And if you like, you can check us out on various stretches of cyberspace:
SECONDLADY Facebook page
SECONDLADY Youtube page
SECONDLADY Reverbnation Page
SECONDLADY Official Site
SECONDLADY Twitter (run by MEGU)

Herpa-derp, I think that's enough shameless promotion for now. We're actually looking for a new drummer again, so it's a tiny bit stressful but ah, such is life.

AND I'm out looking for another part-time job again, OY but that's another story for another time.


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