happy new year

★Pardon my Crazy Lateness!★あけおめ!♪

12:47 AM

Guess who's been an uber naughty blogger?? Thank goodness Christmas is done with an I got my presents ;)

But seriously, the lack of updates has mostly been ridiculous, but I can take full responsibility for that. I was off in my hometown of MD and having too good of a time to sit down at my computer. Most days, I didn't even touch it..! Which has never happened before.. a bit liberating but also scary.. We've been together for so long..

But yes, Happy New Year all!! I hope the newest year has been treating you well. It's been cold every I've been lately (it was snowing in Nishinomiya today!!), but I'll soon be on my way to awesome warmness in the Pacific Ocean. OH man, tots excited.

And after I get back..?? Well.. it seems I may be looking for a new spot to work at. The bar I'm at now.. is no longer working out. Complications, usually unforeseeable, always irreconcilable. But my part-time English classes are going better than expected, so that's always a plus..! :)

Anyway, I made a semi-short video blog about my absence and some news, so if you time, check that out..! And I'll get back to editing more photos from Nagashima and avoiding packing. PM cold medicine is not working.. ugggh.

Take care!!★

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