♪♫Things to Do♫♪: WBA Boxing Match in Namba

6:59 AM

I don't do sports often, but when I do, boxing isn't a bad choice..! :)

We (my boss, the manager and I) got the tickets from a friend of the Kameda group, and he got us some great seats, so I was more than happy to go. It's a great alternative to any other activity, especially outdoor ones because it is freezing nowadays. :<

There were quite a few preliminary fights between Japanese boxers, but the main event(s) were the Kameda Brothers (there are 3) with Kameda Koki as the main main event.

This photo is of the youngest, Kameda Tomoki. I loved his sparkly pink shorts..! Oh, and he fought well. :3 I think he won by TKO.

And you can see from the photo, our seats were so close..! I still think my bar's manager was disappointed that were weren't ringside so she could touch the boxers. Lol

Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the middle child, Kameda Daiki, which is really quite sad seeing as  I'm a middle child too..! :< He also had a really cool costume when entering the ring. Some character from Japanese history that I can't remember right now, but I'm sure if you wiki Daiki, it'll come up :)

This photo was taken from Tomoki's entrance, during which they played Gangnam Style. That song is so popular nowadays, you'll hear it in clubs as well, but sadly, Japan is quite late to that party. Lol

I know pretty much nothing about who holds what titles in boxing, but I do believe Kameda Koki is the current champion for his weight class. His oppponent, Mexican boxer Hugo Ruiz, is also a current champ or previous champ, I'm not sure, but he was quite strong as well.

 As far as sporting events go, I would say this was one of my faves. We were there from 17:00 until about 21:30, but it really didn't feel like such a long time. Probably because a round is only a couple minutes, so it makes it feel like everything is moving quickly. :P

In the end, all three brothers won their matches, which seems like a really adorable way to end the fight night. I probably shouldn't call a family of boxers adorable tho :v

After the fight, I had to go work at the bar, which, in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have done, but we were able to meet up with the Kameda family patriarch and sponsors later on as well, so that was pretty neat. They are all rambunctious karaoke-ers and drinkers. That is all. Lol

I feel like this is such a short post, though it's probably closer to normal compared to my other, more rambly posts. I'm still going through my photos from Nabana in Nagashima, which had a double whammy of winter illuminations and autumn leaf-age, but since I have Friday and Saturday off, I'd like to get that post up this weekend. :) Then, by this time next week, I'll be visiting my family in Wash. D.C.!! AH, I'm so excited. All English, 24-7, plus a little D.C. dialect. I'm going to call everyone bama's and rachet which screaming like a lunch box.

Ahehe, I hope everyone's winter WAIWAI is going well! Be safe!♥


Bonus Video! Of Kameda Tomoki's entrance to Gangnam style. Sorry for the shakiness. I was dancing around and being a doofus. :E

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