★Osaka NOMS★ The Platinum in Umeda - The Shiniest of All the Buffets

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I love a good buffet. Well actually, that's not true. I love most buffets, but a really good buffet? Perhaps.. that's even more than love. MMMfood.

I really shouldn't be writing this while I'm hungry, but if I put this off any longer, it'll be a new year :P

The Platinum
Umeda, Osaka, Japan

Access Info
(Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Umeda 3-13-3)
TEL 06-6347-0542
Hours of Operation 11:00~23:00(Last order: 22:00)
The Platinum Lucua Webpage
Lucua Access Info Page

The Platinum is located on the tenth floor of the new (and still purty) Lucua shopping mall in Umeda, Osaka. It's right next to the JR Osaka Station, though a bit of a walk from the Hankyu and Municipal Subway lines. I wouldn't say more than a five minute walk though.


At this particular buffet, there is a lunch buffet and a dinner buffet (a lot of the other places I've been to offer the same food all day long). With the lunch buffet, a lot of the basics like salads, pizza, tandoori chicken (yes!), 3 other types of tasty chicken (YES), this pumpkin dish that reminded me of stuffing, french fries, potato salad, pasta, as well as udon noodles, korokke (it's kind of like a hash brown), fried rice, some beef items, shrimp, soup, white rice, a chocolate fondue and an assortment of desserts. Oh, and all you can drink white and red wine. With dinner, I think the number of items available goes up a bit, with the inclusion of nigiri sushi.

The lunch will run you about 1500-1600 yen (about 18-20 USD) for 90 minutes while dinner starts around 2500 yen (about 31USD). Which is truly amazing when you see the variety, presentation, and most importantly, when you taste the food. It is GOOD. As the colloquialism goes, they put their foot in it. For reals.

Do you see that?! It was delicious, and I really couldn't tell you what it was aside from being a meat food. And it's really surprising for me because I'm a pretty picky eater. I know what I like, and I rarely try new things without peer pressure, but I would eat everything here.

Except all the desserts. But Japan really isn't up on the dessert front.

However, if you like your deserts sans everything good about desserts American amounts sugar, then you won't be disappointed. (Sorry, I took the photo after destroying a jello fruit cup :3).

Plus wine. I'm a big fan of free red wine now. ;)

I highly, super highly, like Tokyo Sky Tree highly, recommend this place if you're in Osaka and looking for some good food. It's not necessarily traditional Japanese food, but it's got the Japanese service and it's GOOD. I don't think I can stress that enough.

And since I'm sharing photos from this day, I'll share my outfit from that day as well. :)

I can't seem to separate that shirt and jacket. They just go so well together??

Also, lot's of a red. Kekeke..

Unfortunately, I've been slacking on the outfit front, but when I do take out photos, I take a lot more of the same one, if that's some sort of consolation. Cake would be a better consolation, but I have none :<

Anyway, you check out more of this outfit on the We♥Kansai tumblr, which also gets posted on more often since there is less pressure in the writing department. eHeheh..

I still have a post about my trip to Lake Biwa in Shiga, plus I'm going to update the Halloween post with some photos from work. As for this week, it's mah burfdey!! HAAY. And my boss is throwing me an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party at the bar, costumes and all. So I'll probably get to posting that around Christmas (I kidd!! but seriously.. I'm going to be more prompt in the future I hope).

And then I'll be off to Nagashima Spa Land next week! And then my band will have a live after that..!! Holy crap, I think I have work to do.. DD:

On that note (no pun intended), if you're in Osaka and free on Monday evening, come check out my band :)
It's being sponsored by the Yoshimoto talent agency, so it's a bit of a battle of the bands type deal where the winner can participate in other Yoshimoto events. Here's hoping!!


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