Mr. Bingley to you~~★

11:38 AM

I don't know if you've heard.. but I tots have a cat. Whom I love to little furry pieces.He is the best thing in my life right now (sorry husby。 sorta ಠ_ಠ).

I got him when he was 3-months-old, and though we've had our ups and downs, I don't think I could quite imagine my world without him now.

And really, who am I kidding. I'm only writing this to give a bit more meaning to all the photos I have of him saved on my hard-drive. I can't bring myself to delete them :<

Most of them I've already scattered throughout my tumblr, but... now I'm going to do it again. Brace yourself for the cute.

Everytime I try to take a picture while he's looking, he does this. Full-frontal face action.

Then proceeds to knock the camera out of my hand. Doh.

Since he doesn't have one of those kitty houses to climb into and be happy, he makes temporary homes out other containers around the house. Like this tiny trash can..! Needless to say, we can't use the tiny trash can anymore. He'll just tear everything out and sleep in it. :<

A picture from summer. I think he was trying to keep his belly cool. Or maybe he just enjoyed sleeping on his back. Only the kitty gods know~

Sitting on the couch like a bawse. I like to think that he enjoys superhero flicks since he likes doing the superman jump when we play. :>

Back when he was tiny and fit neatly behind my laptop on my computer desk. This was also before he could jump up to the desk on his own. A much simpler time really. No berating him about trampling all over my PC.. Poor PC :< *pat pat*

Bingley, thinking about the worlds he could destroy and lives he could ruin if he were as big as Godzilla. This is all supposition of course. ;]

This is the last one I swear, otherwise we'll all be here 'til the cows come home. :3 Bingley, as any modern cat would be, enjoying the PS3. I would prefer he not use it as a headrest.. but he's so cuuuute~

Off to bed now, since I'm supposed to be going to a 7-hr band practice this evening. Looking forward to it. Yes, yes, I think so.. Urgh.


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