Daily Life Special: ♪♫♪They Say It's Your Birthday♪♫♪

9:06 AM

Well, it was my birthday. :3
So last week, from Wednesday afternoon until Friday morning, I had a nice amusement part/bar bacchanal for my birthday.

It was such a great 48 hours, a great way to celebrate the quarter century mark, and I'm really lucky so many people cared about me enough to make my birthday special. I know they don't read this blog, but I'd like to say Thank you anyway. It was perf~

So here's my birthday outfit..! We went to Universal Studios Japan so I had to keep it.. practical? Ha! Metallic skirts = tots practical. And this is also the last time I'm wearing those tights. It's basically sub-zero these days. :<

Okay, last one I swear. I'm going to toss the rest on tumblr though. ;)

I finally took one of these..! I've always wanted a shot in one of these corner mirrors.

This was taken in the subway near my apartment. It's also frigid down there. :o

Once we got to the theme park, I was pretty shocked by the number of guests, seeing as it was a Wednesday for one, and also really cold (how many times will I stress the weather??). But couples and school groups were out in full force, I even saw a couple fellow birthday girls. :)

I was a bit disappointed that we arrived so late in the afternoon (my fault, because I work nights, so I always go to sleep around 6am..) since the sun sets around 17:30, but we tried to have as much fun as possible before it got colder and the wind picked up. We weren't able to ride Hollywood The Dream roller coaster since they were having technical difficulties, but instead, we got a chance to the outdoor Christmas musical projection show. I'm sure that's what it's called.

The visual aspect was pretty good, I would even say mesmerizing, even if the musical part left a bit to be desired.

I could feel Christmas-y in my heart :3

The grand finale was my favorite part..! Lots of things floating in the air, it almost did seem like snow was falling.

That all being said, I probably won't go see it again, but it's something you should check out if you get the chance and you don't mind the cold (like seriously don't mind it).

I could grow to love being at USJ at night and I'm definitely regretting not going more in the summer.

So, a bit of an early New Year's Resolution; making time for USJ for awesome summer evening fun times. YEAH.

After USJ, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe Osaka that's tucked away inside Universal City Walk. This is the one place in Osaka were you can get some American food in American portions which is basically like heaven. A really expensive, well-lit and comfortable heaven. And delicious!! I could eat their pulled pork everyday. :3

Delicious quesadillas..!! These had pineapples hidden inside, which was a nice sweet surprise for me, but might not actually mesh with most people. Do other Hard Rock Cafes have similar quesadillas (I'm am interested in these quesadillas lolol).

I told our waitress it was my birthday so I could to participate in the birthday song and got a sparkler stuck into my ice cream. Yay..! Happy camper here.
After dinner, we checked out the JUMP Shop inside the same shopping area to see if there were any awesome anime and manga items to collect. Unfortunately, no Tiger & Bunny stuff really :< Super sad about that. And I'd already given up on Naruto and One Piece long, long ago, so I don't really bother trying to collect anything anymore (there's just waaaay too much anyway).

I still really wanted to take a photo in the huge pirate ship next to Luffy and Naruto. Kekeke! Check out that somewhat perplexed face..? Lol
After we got back home, I helped myself to a bottle of the cheap wine Shota picked up for the celebrations. And I continued to drink on into the night, while looking up vacation packages for my mother-in-law. A weird but not totally unpleasant way to end the first half of the birthday-ing.

Part 2 coming shortly! I just wanted to keep the pic spamming winthin one post to a somewhat minimum. Yeah... Don't know if I succeeded or not. :P


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