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Daily Life: From the Amusement Park to the Bar~♪

6:04 AM

This is part two of the birthday post! Yey :)

A lot of the pictures are either self-explanatory or no kind of explanation would really suffice. This is really me just saying (typing?) that I will keep the words to a minimun. ;)

Oh, I should mention this; for my birthday, my boss decided to throw a Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party! :D I'm Alice Alyse though the pronunciation is a bit different. :v

A group shot of me and my co-workers at the bar.

The almost panty shot. Scandalous!!

Delicious white chocolate cake placard. 

After enjoying the beauty that was the cake, we attacked it.

Cake wounds. Delicious cake wounds.


They put my name in balloons! Schweet. :D

Hmm.. two or three champagne bottles in.. we did a little AKB48 karaoke.

I didn't know the dance, so I just made up my own. I"M A FREE SPIRIT. :O

Me and my boss gettin' rowdy...?...??

After sufficient time was spent at the bar.. we moved over to one of the owner's friend's bar and continued. At some point, that bar's manager broke out his Spiderman get up and we did some Spiderman para-para. Woo!

Like I said in my last post, it was a magnificent birthday and I'm truly grateful to be surrounded by such kind and caring people! I'm really sad I won't make the Christmas party (I'll be with my family back in the States), but the owner's birthday is in January, and we're going to a kimono-themed party then! That should be constricting fun! ;)

OH, and I have photos from Nagashima Spa Land that I would like to share, but I have my band's live this Monday and I'm kind of too freaked out to do anything with that now. UrGH, maybe I just won't go on stage (nah, my bandmates would have me assassinated~ lol). Wish me luck..? 


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