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I hope everyone's been enjoying October..! I would say I have, but I don't quite remember much of it. Lot's of working, sleeping, some worrying, but I'm still alive and Bingley's healthy (and Shota~) so I can't complain.

Since Halloween in Japan is pretty lackluster, as far as I'm concerned, I've had to search long and hard to find anything interesting to post about. Most are snapshots of decorations, costumes, and my own costume prepping, so maybe not so much writing (for once). Enjoy :)

Halloween in Shinsaibashi

A shop in Shinsaibashi with their Halloween display. It's already been replaced with a Christmas one, and Halloween hasn't even happened yet. And I thought America was always in a hurry DD:

A... Halloween.. tree??? From the same store.
I don't even know. It's cute, but at the same time ridiculous.

Let's not forget Halloween.. presents..!..??
I really think they just got their traditions mixed up, which is bound to happen when they aren't native to one's culture (like Halloween in America..? and origins of Christmas for that matter..).

Halloween at Universal Studios Japan

The really shoddy thing is I was sooo, so, so, super excited to go the Halloween events at USJ (especially since the stateside ones had Silent Hill events, which looked amazing and I'm still regretting not being able to go to..) which ultimately lends to a higher degree of disappointment.

And oh, how disappointing it was. Decorations were nice though (I guess). Orange and black and the like.

This! This is the sign that got me all jazzed! Scary attractions where kids aren't allowed?! How awesome-sauces~

A little more cute before we get into the scary other stuff.

I wanted to buy Sesame Street stuff just to show some support for PBS but.. seeing as this is a theme park, it's being pocketed by USJ. Ah wells.

All of these were taken with my phone, so forgive the sizes. :<

Anyway, the Raccoon City sign in daylight (I don't think I snapped a night shot). I was really hoping the Biohazard (Resident Evil) area would be scarier. More like a haunted house. But, it was not.

I feel bad the zombie staffers were only able to scare ぶりっ子 (burikko - girly-girls. usually the type that scream in super high-pitched voices and are generally viewed as annoyingly cute?).

YEA! Night time! let's scare some people!! Right? Right??


It's impossible to scare a crowd of hundreds with.. 10 zombie staffers. So sad that the odds were against them.

Jill on top of the USJ globe, striking poses and signaling.. someone. I think. I don't really know what she was supposed to be doing.

I tried to snap a shot of Nemesis when he stepped out in front of the globe, but alas, all those shots ended up blurry and have been confined the tumblr-verse, where you may giggle at the terrible quality.

And this is about all I did for the Halloween event. Somehow, all the Halloween attractions were done queuing at 16:30 (when we arrived in the park) even though the Halloween event didn't start until 18:00. Plus, the express line tickets we bought, only worked for 4 attractions instead of the 7 they're supposed to work for. (Dafuq??) As a result, we only rode Spiderman (not scary), Back to the Future (not scary), and Jurassic Park (not scary, but we got a funny photo).

I did get to scare my boss a couple times, which made everyone laugh. She loves me tho :3

Overall, I give USJ's Horror Night, out of 100, a -75. It seemed like they weren't ready for the crowd, and it kind of made it feel like a waste of money especially when you're only coming to USJ for the Horror event and you can't do any of the horror even things. Just a mess. I sure do hope the American versions were better. (Also, thank god I have a pass, otherwise I'd be mad x9000).

Halloween at Work

My boss and co-worker, being as creepy as possible in order to scare one of the customers. Some weird dancing was also involved. Lol

We also decided to make Alien Brain Hemorrhages for the month of October. Most Japanese bars don't do any kind of special shots, so this easily freaks people out.

And finally, photos from the party!! :D
The owner, myself and another staff member.
We scary :3
A patron in party mode.

Halloween Costumes (in JP)

Lookie what we have here! My costume from.. 3 years ago? At twice the price too! Sans hat (which is easily the best part). All the Leg Avenue costumes run around this price and most of the accessories are missing.

I actually did like flouncing around in this a few years back.

Then you have the 'Huh?' costumes? Where.. they just took the names of Disney Princess' and stuck them on random costumes. I saw a Princess Aurora one too, but forgot to snap a photo.

It's pretty funny that they didn't even try to match what was written and what's shown.

Nice Japan-only costumes like.. the Host. I mean, the Host is ridiculous to see on the streets, and they're most easily mocked by other Japanese, but as a costume?? Just seems down right boring, but that might just be me. Perhaps there was a clever young chap out there this past weekend causing a ruckus as a fake Host. Maybe they even scammed a few people, who knows~

There were a couple other 'meh' ones like a police officer and traffic.. police officer, but I'll the save the space on the article, and just direct you to the tumblr post with all the costume photos.

This isn't a costume. I think. At least I couldn't tell you what it's supposed to be ('look! I'm objectification of women and probably one of the reasons why women are so thoroughly molested in clubs -- or some such).

I would suppose that no one would really wear this out in public. I hope. Dear Japanese goddess, who must be rolling in her cave.

How about a little more sexualization?? Mmm yes. I, also, wasn't able to see this costume on the streets last weekend, which is a relief because really. This is creepy. I'm also pretty sure that this uniform is usually only for elementary/middle school students (I don't think it's so common anymore, for obvious reasons).

But Alyse, you might say, aren't you jumping to conclusions about the intentions of the costume?? Well, dear friend, a simple google image search of the phrase 小学生体育制服 Shougakusei taiiku seifuku (Elementary school student PE uniform, as I wanted double-check my assumptions), will lead you to understand why.

Ohhh Japan creepy, creepy Japan.... Sad panda :<

This was another one that threw me because.. I don't see a connection between Diva and having a brown face. There are plenty of popular musicians who aren't brown-faced, and the simple fact that it was labeled 'Diva' and not 'Gyaru' or some other fashion style associated with frivolous darkening of the skin makes me wonder what 'Divas' they could be talking about (hint: everytime I hear the word diva, it's usually followed by Whitney Houston or Beyonce).


Eitherway, wholly unattractive. Looks like she smeared chocolate on her face. :<

My Halloween

For my own costume, I decided to go with the tried and true 'Vampire.' I couldn't tell you how many times I've been a vampire, but it does not get old for me. This year, I was going for a vampire somewhere between Blade and Underworld (basically 90s/early 00s). Which is really just a fangs and alternative clothes, which means yaaay, I get to save money. Sorta of.

Anyway, I wanted to made some claw-like nails (which I think might be more Interview with the Vampire), and started with this set. It's pretty simple, but I really like them, and plan on wearing them after Halloween too. :)

Then I made these flesh-toned ones with dripping blood so it looks like I really clawed someone to death. Yaaay.

Too bad I forgot to wear either one when I went out for Halloween this past Saturday. Thank goodness for parties that actually occur on Halloween.

I was able to get my hands on some icy-blue contacts, though not UV lenses like I wanted (they don't come in my prescription :< ). These are actually circle lenses, and since you can't change the B.C. (base curve), they aren't the most comfortable. But they got the job done and I freaked out a lot of people on Saturday. :)

I also got a neat wig, skeleton tights (for no real reason except I REALLY wanted some), and leather pants. I think the leather pants fit the Vamp theme better.. but I really want to wear skeleton tights :3

Partner's in crime..! We had a great time out in Minami, and also learned a valuable lesson, clubs are really crowded during Halloween :< Plus clubs close at odd times (usually somewhere between 1-3), which isn't quite late/early enough to catch the trains back home, and really makes you wonder if it's worth spending the 1500 yen sans drink to get into the club for only an hour or two.

I can only predict that the club scene will get progressively worse from here on, until there's nothing left but fuzoku, girls bars, kyabakura, and host clubs. Is that what the old men want? Just to have the streets to themselves??

Ah well. Happy Halloween!! And be safe! :)

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