★Osaka NOMS★ San Siro [Umeda]

6:30 AM

So I'm testing a new format for organizing places I've eaten and food photos..! Nomnomnom, enjoy yes?

San Siro サンシーロ
Umeda, Osaka, Osaka, JP

 Hours: 11:00am til Midnight (last order is at 11pm)

The closest station to this lovely little hole in the wall is Higashi-Umeda on the Tanimachi Line. Of course, seeing as the whole of Umeda is connected by a myriad of underground tunnels, any of the other Umeda stations (JR Osaka, JR Kitashinchi, Hankyu Umeda, Hanshin Umeda, Nishi-Umeda on Yotsubashi Line, Umeda on Midosuji Line) will, as long as you can find your way to the Higashi-Umeda walkways. The hallways for the Tanimachi line should lead to a dead end of ticket gates, so from there you have to go up some stairs to your left, through some doors, and you'll find San Siro to your right.

 I'm not a real food enthusiast, so I won't go into any details about authenticity and such. I really don't care, as long as it tastes good and is CHEAP (I'm a simple person really).

San Siro, despite it's what-I-like-to-call-fancy trappings, is pretty reasonably price as far as bars go in Japan. It's definitely in the western-style, with large format TVs hanging about, but then there's usually opera music pouring from the speakers. To go with the whole "Italian" them I would suspect. :)

ALSO, one of the few places with Heineken. That itty-bitty one was 400 yen and the garlic bread-sticks were on the affordable side as well, and for those drinkers out there, they offer All-you-can-drink for an hour and a half.

But seeing as you can get alcohol literally everywhere, the biggest draw for me is the pizza. Hot DAMN is this pizza good. This one is the Margarita pizza which is only 780 yen and it's more than enough to enjoy all on it's lonesome. If I'm feeling particularly Hulky, I could be tricked into ordering two, but I would never make it through the second one~

Since everything was just so reasonable, we ordered this huge cream puff for desert. It was so goood ;w;...

This puff was probably 150 or 198 yen and so,so worth it.

On a separate trip, I also had their Ichiro Tart, 340yen, which was pretty good too!

Seems like a great place for throwing a party or going to each with a bunch of people. A shame it's not open later, but that might be connected to the fact that it is located within the bowels of some office building.

If you're in Umeda, and you really want some GOOD pizza, then go here. Unless you can find that place in Nakazaki-cho~ *mischievous giggle?*

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