Life: August Came to an End..♪

3:58 AM

Fancy menu from an izakaya
And life was like 'OKAY, now do stuff.'
So I respectfully obliged, and got off my lazy bum. I've been to 3 successful interviews for part-time gigs, all of which I decided to take on, mostly because the first two were for English Conversation schools at an extremely part-time-type schedule. Which is good and bad. I won't lose my coveted and preciously held "time" however, I can't really make enough money to well.. anything. ;>

So I did the smart thing, and applied for some other stuff, mostly working late nights at bars, which is something I've always wanted to do (don't ask why, cuz I'm not really sure lol). This is, of course, impossible (the bar-tending part) stateside unless you are licensed/certified, however in Japan, you don't need one! You can just fumble around behind the bar and throw shit stuff into people's drinks. Not literally, obviously, because the Japanese take drinking very seriously because they do it all the time. Anyway, they'll be training me while I work, and there are no dress codes, bleached hair, piercings, whatever you want to wear (except for the shirt, which is black) are all fair game. I can choose my days as well, and how I get paid (daily or weekly). AND I lucked out, and applied to a Hip-hop & Reggae bar, so I get this weird feeling like this is the one time my ethnicity worked in my favor. I could get used to this ;)

Though I may have to get back into listening to hip-hip on a somewhat regular basis (the last new artist I picked up was Wale.. and he came out a few years back I think..).

The name of fancy menu izakaya.
So I get started this upcoming Monday night. I'm going to go into it with as much positivity as I can muster, because really, that's just the best way to go about things.

But then I also have an interview at another bar tomorrow!! I keep sort of forgetting. I should have canceled, but I feel really guilty about canceling after accepting the interview and all.. Besides! The guy in charge of recruiting was using emoticons in the e-mail. You can't cancel on that..!! :D

SO I just may be running around Umeda and Kyoubashi on late weeknights and weekends. I'll probably write about what a horrible idea that was around October or November (if I even make it that long).

One of many, many, many sunset photos.
I still want to apply for one more job though. JUST one more. Because this job is for working at events like concerts, festivals and the like, and I REALLY would like to try that. Though I don't know how good I would be at talking with the customers of those said events, I definitely think I could offer a lot of help in the background though.

And then I'm done, pinky swear. Damn, it is quite nice to have things to do. :3

I should have some decent posts coming up soon, some ancient burial grounds, the largest lake in Japan AAAND.. something else I can't quite remember. Bah, must not have been that important. ;)

Time to say goodbye to summer and .. nope, that's it, just summer. Bring it on autumn! >:D


Check out Wale! PG County Represent!! ;D

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