Daily Life: Dear Septmeber,

5:02 AM

No one told me you were here..! I was just off doing things, absolutely not in a effort to ignore you. Actually, I quite like you as far as months go, things have just been busy. Truly! How about we give it a retry next year??


But seriously, September was an okay month..! A lot of learning, with bits of fun thrown in on the sides. :)

For starters, my band had it's first live on the 10th!!

And it was pretty okay! The only regret is not having a drummer in time for it :< So we had to do that part electronically. Also, we were sort of at odds with the genres of all the other bands there.

But the club's owner really dug us and wants us to come back for other shows, so that's a definite plus! :)

And we finally (this month) recruited a drummer (who is quite badass btw, I'm jealous of her mad skillz), so now we'll get serious or something.

Shota also snapped some nice photos of us..! Kudos to him seeing as he didn't really want to go (that's a whole other can of worms we won't open right now). My only grudge is that my arms look really.. gangly :<  I can't wait to get back into doing yoga every day so I can tone up a bit~

I told friends and fam back home I would share some video from it but.. I don't want toooo! Too shy/embarrassed/awkward?? I don't know, but I'm barely comfortable sharing my artwork, let alone things with me singing and moving around like some humanoid quad-o-pus. Someday *wistful sigh* :)

The rest of September has really just been working. Or rather, figuring out where I want to work until I take a small sojourn back to the States for Christmas. I applied for a billion jobs, went to 6 interviews and ended up giving it a go at 5 places (one place was a girls bar, which I wasn't aware until the end of the interview DD:).

But I'd like to do a separate post about that in detail, mostly talking about the dynamics of working at a shot bar (catch sales, which I hate or conversing with customers, which I sorta like), reactions from customers of a *GASP* married woman working in a bar (I guess bars just scream sleazy, when they really shouldn't, but that's also a different can of worms), and the overall kickass time I'm having at one place.

..When I was thinking about what to write, a billion and one things came to mind, but now that I've actually sat down to write, I've drawn a blank. How lame. :< Guess I better just end it here with a sunset photo! ♥

To a more proactive and interesting October! :)


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