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Year number two!! And even though I really enjoyed last year's fest (watching KORN is something I'm not likely to forget for a few years), this year was an improvement..! I stayed until the end of that last show on the main stage, ate delicious food and somehow managed not to spend a buttload on merch (that was a bit of a challenge). AND I didn't get separated from my group (for long) which I was paranoid about this year.

Though I must admit the Sunday line-up was a bit sparse. The only bands I really wanted to see were Death Cab for Cutie (which was probably my fave live from that day), ONE OK ROCK, Franz Ferdinand, and Green Day. I watched a little of the HIATUS (and got to see a bunch of middle-aged women mosh?? it was weird and unexpected), and some odd electronica band called St. Vincent (methinks). Most of the time was spent lounging with friends, trying to fight off heat stroke as it was incredibly sweltering weather that day.
I'm not really into live reports, so I'll try to steer clear of that and just describe the pictures in the order I shot them throughout the day.

Photo op number one: A change in decor.
I noticed they tried to up the ante with these potato-sack banner. Nice :)
We showed up pretty early, around ten ante meridiem, to catch one of the early acts on the main stage, ONE OK ROCK.

They were really good! I love the singer's voice..!! ;w; And he's grown up a LOT since the last I saw them (via the internets with their video Naisho something-or-other. I'm a pro with titles). I like him with his natural hair (I think it's natural at least lol).

Providing drinks next to the main stage.

See if you can find Spiderman in this picture! He was lucky enough to make it on stage with Green Day :<

After ONE OK ROCK, we wandered over to the Mountain stage where Alexandra Stan was getting her set ready. We didn't stay through her first song, but she seems pretty well known/liked.

Prancing around the Mountain stage sign, trying to fend of the delirium and probably early signs of dehydration (though to my credit, I downed over 2 liters of liquids throughout the day).

A shot from the hill behind Oasis, which is where most of the food stalls are. Plus lots of water machines to spray the masses down with.

Note to attendees: Don't bother with any fancy hair-dos and extensive make-up. It'll just melt off/sweat off/get washed away.

Wandering near the arena area. Official merch is also sold here, along with this new and over-priced sweets cafe they started these year.

PRO TIP: If you need a bathroom break, I would definitely suggest using the bathrooms inside the arena. The wait isn't as long, you're indoors, and they bathrooms are pretty clean. There are washiki (Japanese toilets) though, so be prepared. *sumo stance*
Bathroom needs and hunger satiated, when headed back over to the Mountain stage for Death Cab for Cutie..!! I love them sooo ;w;

I was dancing and singing throughout the entire set. I even got to start my own slow clap. YEAH! :D

It rained, very sparaingly, but overall the weather was great. The clouds that did give up a respite from the sun were lovely too!! :D I love cloud~

Surprise festival bonus!! :DD

And his partner whose name I never remember.

But anyway, Hard Gay!! He's probably one of my favourite comedians/wrestlers in Japan. Plus he's hot and incredibly romantic. His wife is so lucky!! :<
LOOK! It's an optical and meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection of light in water droplets in the Earth's atmosphere, resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky!!
  A bit of Franz Ferdinand because I only got to see the very last bit :<

It was either Hard Gay or FF and seeing as I was much, much closer to HG.. The choice was relatively easy. FO!

And then the sun got tired and decided to go to bed. Or the earth continued doing it's natural thing and rotating, forcing the sun to appear lower in the western sky until it was completely obscured by the curvature of the earth. Thank you The Universe :D (I'm secretly planning to one day get a degree in either Astrophysics or Theoretical physics, probably the former since I'm more familiar with those theories wishful thinking).

Blah blah, I type too much :>

And then Green Day was like BOOM. Music. And we all started dancing/head banging/moshing/hardcore dancing. Good times for all.

The festvivities were capped off with a lovely display of fireworks. Awesome day and evening. Although it did take us 2 hours to get home, it was totally, completely, and without a doubt worth it. I'm looking forward to next year!!

Also, I took video this time since I had my point-and-shoot. But I haven't strung them together yet cuuuz.. I'm lazy :> Soon, I will!! Plus I have lots of stuff from my trip to Lake Biwa with my family that I'm also eager to share.

Summer is almost over, and there's some relief and some sadness that comes with that knowledge. I'm getting read to trudge back into employment, still not doing exactly what I want, BUT my households has needs and I've been a bum long enough. :)

Hope everyone else had a spectacular August! ♥


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