★Super Local★ Bucchigiri Festival in Osaka and Cats

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A few weeks back, I got a flyer in my post box for a local matsuri called Bucchigiri Matsuri.

Actually, the flyer appeared on my refrigerator one day, but I assume it came through the post box :0 Either way, I decided to check it out seeing as it was only a 6 or 7 minute walk from the apartment. Hence the 'super local' title. :D

 The festival was held at Horikoshi Shrine, in the Tennoji district of Osaka. It's a really small local spot, just a block north of the Tennoji Station.

From what I read on the official website, they've got a pretty long history, dating back to the 6th century CE. I think it was established by Japan's first empress regent Empress Suiko at the same time as Shitennoji (temple) which is right across the street (but the article was a bit difficult to read, so I could have gotten some bits wrong D:).  You can read it here.

I don't think this festival is to commemorate any particular Japanese holiday. Just a nice summer gathering of people in the area, which is a nice break from all the huge summer festival going on everywhere.

There were a couple local artisans selling shirts and crafts, then this guy ←←. I don't think he's selling those blocks, just playing with them. I wanted to play too, but I felt weird asking :<

They also had some performance arts..! :) This guy did some sumi-e, while his son preformed some songs from a CD he released last year.

There was also a magic/acrobat show, but I missed most of that. D:

Previously mentioned son, singing his songs. :3

And dancing girls! A local Japanese dancing school (I guess) doing traditional Indian dances. The little girl was super cute. :D

The following day, I headed out to Takatsuki City (still in Osaka)to visit the Osaka Prefecture Short-term Animal Shelter (大阪府動物一時保護センター).

From here, you can adopt rabbits, ferrets, cats and dogs. You do have to make an appointment in order to see any of the animals though. And you have to take a bus from Takatuki Station for about 40 minutes into the mountains.
It is located next to an onsen though, so you could make a nice day trip out of it :)

We were in the market for adopting a nice cat to live with us and keep me company as I start looking for more work from home (and also because Shota really wanted a pet, but a rabbit was out of the question).

Unfortunately for Shota, he had a severe allergic reaction to the cats there. I mean super itchy, rashy, red-eyed reaction. We couldn't stay in the room for more than 30 minutes. And so I knew a cat from the shelter might be out of the question, though I don't think they were particularly dirty or anything. They weren't quite as friendly but it's very likely they've been a little traumatized. They were all kittens though, none older than 6 months I think.

So after a long and sad ride back to the station, I tried to make peace with the fact that I wouldn't have a furry little friend to take home :(

But we decided to inquire about cat allergies at one of the pet shops near the station, and what do ya know.

We walked out with this little guy. He's a type of short-haired cat (an Ocicat, a breed from America :3) so Shota has an almost minimal reaction to him.

I still wish I could've adopted one though, because usually if they don't get adopted, they get put down. But it does make me wonder what happens to the cats in pet shops since they always seem to be under 6 months old, and I can't imagine they sell that quickly. But perhaps they do.. I really hope they do. And I really hope the cats from the center don't get put down too. They were uber cute ;3; Kitteh...

So now we sit at home together, entertaining one another when we're not dying from heat, watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory or The Universe.

He so cute :DD

I actually have a few more things and photos I'd like to share, but I'll have to save that for another post. Also, we're almost upon mid-summer (or a little past it), and I still haven't seen a beach. I'm getting antsy :< *random admission*

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!★

And I leave you with this video of Bingley jumping around to some Charlotte playing in the background~

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