Fave CM of the Moment: Gatsby Deodorant Aqua

6:28 PM

Whenever this commercial comes on, I stop whatever meaningless thing I may be doing, and just enjoy the Matsuda Shota.

Why is he wearing what seems to be some poor Nordic man's mane in the midst of a desert?? These are probably question best not asked, seeing as they won't be answered. He should just take it off. And by it, I mean everything Q_Q

And his two white man-servants?????

Oh and the poor camel, why is he mean-mugging the camel!?

I'm just going to play this again~

This does remind to go out an buy some of this.. water deodorant that's being pushed on us consumers these days. Apparently, you put it on after you've already begun to sweat :|

I'm just going to play this again.


P.S. A mosquito just bit me on the hand. NOOOOO ;w;

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