♪Tsuki Magazine - June Issue♪

2:43 PM

Cover photo by Jason Arney
Good day all!
I don't know if you've heard the good news or not, but the June issue of Tsuki is out and about.

Tsuki is a literary and art digital magazine featuring work by expatriates living in Japan. Awesome concept, eh??

This is the second issue and it's coming along beautfiully..! Check out that cover..! D: Gorgeousness↑↑

This issue features some prose, poetry, illustration and photography PLUS an interview with an upcoming Malaysian musician making his debut in the music scene in Japan.

So definitely check it out! I'm in there too, but I won't tell you what part, you have to guess :P

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! (sorry, In Living Color joke was totally necessary)
If you enter this code, you can get this issue for only $.99! That's pretty cool :)

The magazine can be purchased here:
The discount code is: thanku62
(highlight it)

Sorry dudes, the discount period is over (that's what I get for taking so long), but you should still pick up a copy if you get a chance..! $2.99 isn't so bad when it's a magazine packed with awesome. ;)

Now go, and enjoy! :)
New post on another (YES, ANOTHER) shopping center. You can never have too many. Really.


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