Daily Life: Life is Wonderful~♪

1:30 PM

I've never seen that movie and I'm not sure if my wonderuflness can compare to whatever that business man discovered buuut.. I still think it's pretty wonderful. :)

I spend a lot of my time working on art projects (some for pay, but quite honestly not enough) and making periodic visits to the employment center downtown. Because of those visits, I've gotten very good at reading employment ADs in Japanese, but still not job stuff. Ah well. :)

And when I'm not busy on the computer, and Shota's not busy saving old people, we have more time (and energy) to visit new places. Like these ladies adult costume shop. Hint: it's not called adult because the costumes come in grown-women sizes, though I'm sure that's part of it.

We both felt the awkwardness and left soon after.

And the Shota's sister popped out a baby! So we had to hurry back to his hometown for celebrations that also included his birthday and our niece's birthday! Too many May babies :x

We bought our new nephew a batman onesie. And he will be the most handsome-ist baby come this fall ;D

My niece, who is now 3..!! Holy crap I remember seeing her after she was fresh from the box. I feel old..ಠ_ಠ

She loves laughing at me/with me (not sure which). Anyway, we're 'nakayoshi' and I will turn her into my English speaking prodigy :3

Here's to our 4-hour car trip coming in August!! :D Lots of giggles to be had.

And then I met up with a friend for some chatting, ramen-eating, and general walking/hanging out. We explored the gardens on top of Namba Parks, which was nice, but creepy. Just the way vacant shops were scattered about. I thought a Closer from Silent Hill 3 was going to pop out and beat us to death O___O.

Did I mention I have a somewhat overactive imagination?

On a recent outing, I did do a tiny bit of shopping, the most expensive thing being that Addidas tank top (that I thought I would need but now turns out I won't. Rage) :/ I feel like I should go running or something to make up for it but.. I hate running. (loove Yoga though :3)

The leopard print top (like I need more leopard print things!?) I thought would be great for summer since it's super light-weight  and lets a lot of air through. And it's smexy.

These rings were uber cheap (and hence have that awesome ability to turn your fingers green yay.), but I really like them :3

My new babies!! I love these shoes so hard ;w; They're pretty comfortable (even moreso if you don't have wide feet like meeeee). I plan on wearing these all throughout summer and as far into winter as I can.

AND THEN. Some outfits from the past few weeks :)

This I wore when hanging out with my nice. It was still pretty cool outside at that point, so I kept the long-sleeve button up handy. Then I realized it made me look a lot like Garth from Wayne's World D: (minus the blond locks).

But that's not really a bad thing :D

Party time! Excellent!!
Going to ask about some Japanese language classes so I can level up my skills. They said I could take the advance classes and probably pass the N2 exam, buuuut.. I didn't want to give them 50,000yen (about 632 USD) to cover the entrance fee. So many other, much more important things I need to use that for. *cough*Loans*ahemcough*

Then we were off to re-apply for my visa, which is always a pain in our asses. They ALWAYS ask us for more paperwork like.. a month after turning in the application. And then give a bullshit week deadline to get that stuff done. SMH.

I despise the Japanese immigration process. Absolutely, completely despise it. Period. >:/

 Loved wearing this outfit though :D
Then Shota and I decided to FINALLY use our passes to USJ.
And to add to the festive mode of the day, I decided to break out this equally festive dress I got from Don Quixote for 400yen! Scoooore~

OH.. and the Pumas are new. More summer-ish things.

And a recent outfit from Wednesday! :D
With my studded platforms, that I hold quite dear now.
I've gotten better at walking in them, so I'm now definitely less likely to go tumbling down a flight on my way to the train.
Yar :)

Wearing a sweater in this pre-summer heat was almost a bad idea. Thank goodness for the cool evenings we've had recently D:

So like I said, life is wonderful. I can visit my family whenever I like, and I can enjoy my time with Shota without freaking out or being frustrated about work. Yea, I basically have no money, but I'm way happier without it..! Except when bills are due. Then I feel like a big useless.. useless. Eventually, I will reinsert myself into that gritty work life, but for now, I'm just gonna take it all in.Yeaaa
Time for lemonade!!

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