Night Cherry Blossom Viewing♪

1:06 AM

Wow, talk about late. Lol I was late actually going cherry blossom viewing too. Most of the blossoms had fallen from the rain the previous week, but I still think the photos and video turned out well. :)

This outing was around mid-late April (the 15th I think), and started out with rain, but ended in a temperate evening stroll. Pretty good for on the fly planning for the most part lol

Since the weather had been so mild, I was able to go from 2 or 3 pairs of tights to one..! I will relish in this all the way until next winter.

I threw one of my lucky bag sweaters over a tank and was ready. So much love for anything but winter right now.

 I met up with my friends around 6pm, but I got there a little early to take some video and wander. When we finally sat down for some drinks, this cat was lounging right next to the eating area.

Completely at home around people. This cat didn't run or jump when we went to pet him, but he wasn't about to get up and play with the cat toys my friend brought. Lol

Everything else isn't really new. Just photo snapping and video taking, so if you'd like to gander at more sakura photos (like you haven't had enough already lol), then check out the We♥Kansai tumblr.

Or check this video. All the music is from one of my Top 10 movie list :)

After this post, I'm going to work on a video for USJ because.. I really want to make one, for some reason. I plan on going back to do another one toooo... This might turn into a problem lol
Take care everyone!


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