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★Event★: KERA Fashion Show ♫Visual Fashion♪

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So a couple weekends ago, I went out to a fashion show put together by the alternative fashion magazine KERA. I've been a fan of KERA for a while now, probably since I feel in love with Harajuku back in '02 when I first visited the place. That's going to be 10 years ago this summer, HOLY crap.. I feel old.. 

*wanders off with a cane*

Anyway, they were working together with the fashion department of a local technical school (think Art Institute). I wish my Art Institute had done some equally as cool.. even though we don't really have alternative fashion mags stateside :x..

KERA caters mostly to VK and Lolita styles, so brands like Angelic Pretty, SEX POT ReVeNGe, Super Lovers, PEACE NOW, Metamorphose, HELLCATPUNKS, and ALGONQUINS, but sometimes you'll see more casual brands pop up like Glad NEWS. Now, I don't own anything from these brands except a HELLCATS bracelet, but I still love looking at the outfits and what's for sale. I'd love to dive back into the more colorful brands like Super Lovers, but I feel kind of silly about it at my age. Especially when I'm usually the oldest person browsing around the shop for stuff. ;w; Plus, these brands are kind of expensive.. D:
So the show was a fashion show of those previously mentioned brands as well as some work from the fashion school. It was all run by the KERA Shop Arena manager AITO who turns out to be something of a net VK idol? She's one of the boy's style bloggers, but she seems to make jumps from girly styles like to Lolita as well. You can check out her blog here.
She also has a live stream on niconico video but I don't have an account for that, so you'll have to pull the link from her blog. :) She's really nice and accommodating and was the one that ordered my horns for me..! >:D

Most of the pictures are the same as the ones I've already posted because I wasn't getting their early to wait for seats lol So I'm going to bunch them all together and throw them onto the We♥Kansai tumblr, Check them out if you are so inclined :)

And then some video I took of the event:
PART 1: VANTAN's Fashion Show (the tech school)
PART 2: KERA Brands

If you've like more close-up pictures of the outfits worn, they are all posted on KERA Shop Arena Osaka's staff blog..! How lucky..!! I'm probably going to go through them later :3

I'm still working on a Kansai-ben post, but it's really hard to think of words instead of phrases, so please bear with me for a moment longer. Also, if you have some words or phrases you'd like to know, I'd love to help you out if I can :)

Take care!

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