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Daily Life: Dood, I'm such a home-body now...

6:38 AM

I would add a comment on freetime, but.. I still don't have much of that. I've been taking major steps on improving my art skillz, which means hours and hours of working at my computer. A blessing and a curse. D:

But I get out sometimes too. Nothing planned, so the photos are quite random and seemingly unsorted. But they sort of are. Sorted I mean.

A captivating sunset over the Namba cityscape :D
Now that the weather is warming, I can stand out on my balcony and wait for more sunsets to photograph.

But with the tornadoes and 2 minute storms covering Japan these days, I have a feeling that the typhoons aren't too far behind. Dang :/

I also went out to a drinking party I guess. It was more like a get together of old friends, but seeing as Shota and I weren't a member of the old-friend-set.. Whatever, we drank and had an awesome time. Turns out on girl (the girl I'm with in this pic) is about as crazy about video games and animation as I am. Which is rare. We geeked out on everything from famicon's to ps3s. She was also the only member of our group that knew Cowboy Bebop (how is that possible?!).

So after lots of drinks, we went out to the arcade because we all get the urge to dance on a virtual stage and shoot zombie Terminator bots. Right? Right...

Then I went out to the KERA Shop ARENA in Big Step in Amerika-mura. I was picking up my horn hair barrettes (!!) and basically I've been wearing them ever since. Shota said they're fitting when I'm angry. >:)

A couple outfit shares then I'm out~ :P

I wore this to a fashion show KERA magazine put together with the local trade school Vantan. I took some photos of the event plus some video, but I'll upload those in a later post. :)
They were also doing a snap meeting for the magazine, so I wanted to put together this comic hero-inspired look.

It's a little crazier than what I've worn recently but.. I like that. I miss dressing crazy, the hair dying and piercings that went along with that. I'm still promising myself to start all that up again when I make the grand return home. :)

The low-key look for the meet-and-drink with those gaming girls. I actually ended up ditching the Litas before I left home though. In the end, stumbling around drunkenly in JCs, however fashionable they may be, is not a good look.

No inspiration here other than comfort and sleekness (? not really).

And the last bit, a new piece of jewelry..! I've been waiting to get my hands on an earcuff for a long, long time. I'd seen a lot of cool ones online, but once I saw this badboy in the KERA shop, it was a done deal. Not only skulls, but the cuff part is a skeletal hand. Neat..!!♪

It was only 2380 yen, so the material isn't good if you have sensitive ears (mine get itchy), but a coat of clear nail polish is supposed to fix that.

We'll see.

That's all for this post. There will be another daily life post soon plus the post sharing my pictures from the KERA event. All in due time. >:3


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