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Daily Life: It's Spring in Osaka..!♪

12:42 AM

It's been spring for.. a bit I suppose, but I didn't get to post about it being spring so.. IT'S SPRING. :P

In Japan, spring is usually the time for starting over, for both school and work. A lot of recent graduates of high school will be going to their fancy university entrance ceremonies, tearful parents in tow, or starting off their seemingly profitable but ultimately miserable salaryman career from April on.

And on the note of salaryman, spring is also a time of heavy drinking, with hanami and warm weather and all. Shenanigans are bound to occur.

I've been keeping my spring pretty simple though. I quit my teaching job to start off on my own career goals of being an artist (specifically, and illustrator and even more specifically than that, a visual development artist which is pretty much the Disney term for concept artist :P).

I put art on the back burner after I moved here since I knew there was a need for money for the wedding and all, but now that that's been taken care of, I'm free..!! In a way.

I'm free from wasting hours of my day on the train or waiting for classes to begin. Or trying to fill that time with half-assed gestures at studying Japanese or drawing.
Free from uniforms and textbooks.
Free from horribly looked after children, but then also free from the ridiculously cute ones too. D:
Free work-life monotony and schedules.
But most importantly, free from a salary a.k.a. financial independence.
And that bothers me :/

But like I said, new beginnings, so hopefully I'll finally unlock those awesome art skills I've been telling myself are undiscovered, along with some subconsciusly obtained but perfectly fluent business Japanese.

Oh, I'd like to obtain a few more centimeters on my height too, but that might be pushing it a bit.

OH, and I can finally clean my apartment. That's been a long time coming.

I hope everyone else is having a lovely, productive and healthy spring season. I'm on the lookout for some drunken hanami photos from you guys~♫


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