Komono Pt.2: 'Til Geekdom Come

5:57 PM

I thought I would need a few more weeks to gather photos of more useless (but equally awesome) things.
And then it became one of those rare moments where I proved myself wrong. Go me...?

I snapped this photo while wandering around the Village Vanguard shop which is basically the komono paradise. I've never seen so many amazingly functionless items in one place for a range of prices.
If Shota hadn't been there to restrain me, I might have a 6 inch vinyl Yoshi figure standing next to my TV... There's always next time ;D
Located in the same area as the Yoshi figure was this collection of comic swag. My stint with comics has been.. shaky at best (though I did enjoy Batman's Detective Comics for a bit), but I fully enjoy all comic films and video games. Well, mostly enjoy.. (Fantastic Four is still painful to watch, but more bearable when there's a lack of English programming around you).

They also had some comics by the recently deceased Mœbius (Jean Giraud) for sale. Shota had to remind me that they would probably be in Japanese so that I didn't drop 1-man (about 100USD) on it~ ...I still want it though..
And who doesn't need a Superman bicycle bell??? That'll tell people to get the hell out of the way~

I wish I could say that I left Village Vanguard unscathed.. but I would be lying D:

Recently, I've seen these home planetariums pop up in book stores, which combines my love for planetariums with my love for staying home, and I've been tempted to buy them, but they only show one part of the night sky. And they aren't so cheap either, so I dropped the idea and kept it moving.

Until I found this R2-D2 planetarium!! It ain't waterproof, and it still only shows one part of the night sky, but it's too adorable! ;o; I think I'll stash him on my computer desk next to all my books :3
I feel like I need a similarly sized C3PO to keep him company though...

But then, R2 isn't completely alone thanks to Pepsi NEX. Pepsi NEX is some no calorie version of Pepsi (which tastes the same to me), that seems to be the only incarnation of Pepsi that exists in Japan. But the best part is that periodically, they'll have awesome campaigns where you get figures (usually phone charm types), with your bottle.

And since Episode 1 was recently released in Japan, it would only be appropriate for there to be a Star Wars campaign!!

I bought all 12 versions the first day I saw them...

Now my students call me a Star Wars maniac (but that's quite far from the truth, I swear!).

Plus, they're uber cheap! 88 yen for a bottle of Pepsi AND a Star Wars figure?? No contest~
I don't know why Darth Vader is included in the Episode 1 set.. They easily could've done a Qui-Gon Jinn figure instead..! (I love Liam Neeson too!!♥)
But this isn't my first go-round with Pepsi NEX. Sometime last year, they also ran a Gundam campaign.

I wasn't able to get them all but I got my favorites..! Amuro Ray and Char ♥ The only reason I loved Amuro Ray was because his voice actor was the same as Quatre Raberba Winner's (the English actors, never did like the Japanese voices~).

Also, a couple Star Wars Bearbricks that I picked up at a second hand hobby shop :) I lost Vader's leg in a clubbing outing unfortunately...

I also have a fondness for Gachapon, which I call capsule machines. The problem I've had since I first visited Japan is the fact that their coin currency goes up to 5 USD. This ends up with me wasting a lot more of the those little 100 yen coins than I really should.

Gachapon can range in price from 100 to 400 yen, so before you go tossing away your hard earned yen, make sure that you'll be happy with whatever you may get.

In this case, I love all the characters from Hetalia, and the Gachapon was only 100 yen, so it was a win/win situation..! :)
I don't have as much enthusiasm for One Piece or Lupin the Third, but these were all freebies for going to Round 1, an amusement center of sorts.

At one point, I had all these bad boys hanging from my phone.. then I switched them out for the Gundam collection. At least it made finding the phone easy..?

And lastly (for this post at least), a couple items that didn't fit in with the above. :P

The Captain Jack Sparrow figure I got for buying some soda at a movie theatre, while the Goblet of Fire from Harry Potter is from a Gachapon. I also had a Ron Weasley phone charm, but I've since lost it ;o; Sorry Ron...

And that concludes this geeky round of komono..! Now I'm sure there'll be another one of these, but hopefully not too soon. The 100 yen gods willing~


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