Daily Life: ~Slow Days~

6:09 PM

Good lord have the past few weeks been slow. D:
But that's not always a bad thing...

At least I was able to basically wait inside my house until spring returned, and it has..! The world is such a lovely place when my toes aren't frozen ;)

Did I mentioned is snowed earlier this week when I was at work.

At least it's spring in some places..

Anyway, I haven't made any real plans for writing up on anything, so I just wanted to share some photos with outings with friends and snapshots about town and some outfits.

This is something I shot while waiting for a friend in Namba. Out near Bic Camera. ;)

At a sports shop in Ame-mura, they have this huge cardboard cutout of the Japanese national soccer team, so I shoved my face in. I have no idea whose face I'm replacing..

I should ask Shota, I'm certain he knows :P

An ambiguous shot taken while eating at Cafe Rodeo with Maha from Kansai Gyaru Salaryman & Co. :D They had the most awesome-sauce ham and cheese sandwich I've ever had plus blankets and feet warming pillows. We've decided that if we're ever needing a cafe stop when clubbing, this will be the spot ♪

Speaking of hanging out with friends~~

I met up with Yuu waaaay back in early Feb..! She's a nurse, so her schedule is pretty hectic and this was the first time we'd actually hung out since we met back in December. D: Anyway, she's a puri-pro. All her poses were so good (;o;) I feel like I need to practice..
 See!? I look like such an amateur...

I also took purikura with Maha! She's so gorgeous too~ I love her WC sweater too! ♥

Most recent outfit. Actually, today's outfit :P
I'll be going out after I post this blog Lol But I had to keep it comfy and casual. Are skulls and ripped jeans considered casual???
Sure they are~ :)

With the sweater from my WC lucky bag~ And my new shorts from Fig&Viper.
I don't remember where I was going... Probably to work D:

This is what I wore when I went out with Maha..! :D It was still pretty cold, so I have to through on some tights under my socks. I'm really looking forward to doing a tight-less version of this :P

That junk pile behind me in most of the photos is Shota's clothes. For some reason, he doesn't like keeping them in his chest drawers, even though he has the most space. I don't get it..

And I'll end this post with a little food pr0ns. At all the McDonalds in Japan, they've been going through their Big America set of fantasy burgers. They create these crazy-combo burgers, supposedly based on various cities and/or famous places in America, but only put them out for weeks at a time, before hiding them away, never to be seen again. Out of respect for my internal organs, I don't go to McDonalds, but the Pokemon Master within in decided that I need to catch them all... Broadway Burger is actually the second in the series.. I think, but it was pretty good. Lots of meat, but some fresh veggies tossed on top, so that adds nutrients, right? :P

I haven't been back since I bought this burger though. Maybe that's some sign my subconscious is trying to send to me... ah well.

I hope everyone is doing well and has made it through the winter season unscathed..! Before you know it, it'll be spring again, and we'll have something else to complain about (or not, we hope!). Take care! ♥


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