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Daily Life: Fighting the Winter Blues

3:40 PM

Check out that snowstorm trying to engulf the Daimaru building!!

Well, it didn't a rather poor job because 30 minutes later...



 It's like the storm didn't even happen. No snow on the ground, it was even a smidge warmer outside.

Mother nature is playing mind games, no doubt.

But that hasn't really helped my winter blues. Along with cold and uncomfortable weather, passing the days in ridiculous amounts of clothing that ususally end up making me sweat more than keeping me warm, my electronics have been throwing a fit. First my mp3 player (which resurrected itself), now my PS3. Except there is no ressurection this time. Only YLOD or the yellow light of death. And this marks the second time my PS3 crapped out on me. I made angry faces at everyone for a week, especially since Sony's customer service was of absolutely ZERO help. A word to anyone who was thinking of dragging along you American goodies, the company won't cover the shipping from overseas. Nor will the send you a box so you can send it to them (to be fixed for ridiculous amounts of money when it SHOULDN'T BE BROKEN...AGAIN).

Yea, I almost jumped to the Wii ship, but then I remember all the good times, all the man hours I've put into completing my sphere grid on FFX.. my golden Chocobo from FFVII, Kratos ripping the head off a shirtless snake-lady.. *le sigh* I won't be buying a new PS3 (mine is backward compatible all the way to classic PS), so I'll either save it to get repaired when I move back stateside or try to fix it on my own. Cue disaster.

So in a measure to relieve some stress.. I bought these. BEST SNEAKS EVER. I originally wanted spikey ones from Glad NEWS but I've realized now.. I will NEVER fit into a pair of GN shoes. Ever.

So I wandered down to the basement of OPA, and lo and behold, these called out to me from the CO&LU shelf they were occupying. I'm thinking about adding spikes to the black PVC parts, but I don't have enough spikes for both shoes. I must needs find a spike retailer.. Ame-mura should have something :D
I also ended up ordering these GOLD DOT because... I needed comforting. NEEDED it! D:
Can't wear any heels now because I'll lose feeling in my toes BUT.. when spring comes... Gloriousness...

All that's left is a pair of platform sandals.. preferably in some hippie-tastic color. With ankle-straps and feathers :D


The week before that, I gave my two-weeks (well, actually month and a half) notice. The hours, I can't commit to anymore, especially because I want to take some Japanese lessons this coming spring and try to take the JLPT (N3).

So I'm on the hunt now, who knows where I'll end up. I've always wanted to work in a bar... Then I could have as many piercings as I wanted :DD

So anyway, my co-workers and I went out for drinks and karaoke, which made me realize I'm gonna miss them. Sorely wish we had hung out more often, because they're a great bunch of guys and gals. :)


This I found this behind my book case DD: Thank GAWD it's a tiny bookcase. But now I'm paranoid about any feint smell (this, mysteriously, didn't smell at all).
So yea, words to live by, BEWARE the MOLD. I had mold steal away a pair of awesome boots last year, and it tried to take a bag from me (saved it though). The best way to stop mold is, obviously, with prevention. So I've spread silicon gel all over my apartment. Everywhere.

And now I'll leave you guys with a little something Yuta, Shota and I found while walking down Shinsaibashi. Why is it there? Whose is it? Are they looking for them now? 

I could make up a billion stories for why these were on the ground, what about you guys??

Anyway, this was a pretty digusting blog post. Lots of mold, dirty panties and ranting. No good news here..!! Lol

Just another case of the winter blues. Here's hoping for better things come spring..!☻

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