Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2012!

12:54 AM

Everyone!!! It's 2012!!! I've been out all day fighting women for lucky bags then going into a food coma with my best bud from elementary school. Ridiculous amounts of fun was had..! I'm going to be really sad when she leaves :,<

Classic cocktail dresses for new years. We were freakin out because we had to make a couple stops before we got to the club, and by the time we lined up, it was like.. 30 minutes until new years.

Great planning, I know.. D:

But we made it in with 15 minutes to spare. No time to get drinks but I think they would've gotten knocked over in the excitement anyway.

This was our first time at Club Joule, and it was actually a lot of fun. Better than Club Camon, which we hit up the day before, and waaay better than PURE which now has a no dance policy now. Yea..

Though! If you wanna go to a club with a ridiculous number of guys and small amounts of female competition, Club Camon is a good bet. Plus girls get in free all night. Nice ;D

I don't think we're doing any sightseeing type things. We're going to hit up the electronics district tomorrow for some more new years deals, then eat more left over new years food. We did go to a kushi katsu restaurant though, so I'll write up about that soon! I hope everyone takes care of themselves! Party hard (with family or friends) and enjoy yourselves. Welcome the year of the dragon with open arms and look forward to the things to come.

Happy New Year!! あけましておめでとうございます!今年もよろしくおねがいします!

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