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3:48 AM

See the Spotaka sign? Yea, you know where this is.
Whoa, just get hit with a whirlwind of work, and I am pooped :/ But it's much better to be busy then bored out of your mind I suppose. I do wish I had more gaming time (I just got Playstation PLUS so I want sum free gaming!! :<)

Anyway, I finally took some time out today (Sunday) for a little Indian food and some shopping for Shota. He's not really a shopper, he also seems to hate spending money, but I think every now and again, we all get an urge to spend a little. There's definitely a euphoric and satisfying feeling to be gained. So shop we did!!

The mission: New jeans (the old pair had a hole in the crotch) and a black Mickey M. sweatershirt (more on that later). The result: a big fat bag of awesome, definitely not 2 items. But you can't beat an outlet that's having a 50% off sale.

Trying on a skirt in the fitting room. I didn't want to buy anything, but if you ask me if I want anything.. I'll find something to buy. Bad, bad habit. I do really like that skirt though and I think my old one is shrinking and my booty is showing *rationalizing purchases*

Anyone in Osaka now should definitely hit up this WEGO (in Ame-mura) because it's closing at the end of January (the 29th I think?), and everything is ridiculously cheap. Like seriously. Go there. NOW.

ALSO! Here's a teaser of the Indian food. I've been meaning to write up about this place. It's cheap and really good, but depending on who's working, your curry will be a little different. But who can complain with 690 yen free curry and nan refill lunch sets? No one, that's who~

Ame-mura is full or shady looking buildings. It's like they built up Shinsaibashi and Namba around these decrepit buildings because they couldn't buy them from the owners. But I think that's gives the otherwise bling-y downtown a little old school flavor.

But the reason we were all up in this building was for this vintage shop! It's super tiny (like smaller than my apartment, and that's only 35m squared), but has some of the coolest clothes. Ever. Period. And the owner knows that too because they are not cheap (but most vintage stuff in Japan isn't).
But they still had my Lennon/Cereal Killer glasses, which I promptly purchased and wore for the rest of the day (until 7pm, when it was dark and I was in my apartment :o ). The lady working there said these aren't from America, because sunglasses tend to break during transit, so they're a vintage Japanese pair. Loooove them~~

Also, my outfit from Sunday. Wearing items from my lucky bags..! I feel kind of awkward having Japanese girl on my shirt. I don't know if it's referring to the tiger or me..?? And why 1984? My sister was born that year, but other than that... Maybe that's the year Wakatsuki Chinatsu was born too? Sorry, I don't really get it.. :x

Sorry this wasn't filled with info or anything. I'm not setting enough time to finish things (hence me writing at 3:40am.. oops), but I do have some things I want to share from new years. I hope you'll stick around for that :)

No other outings planned for January, but hopefully something exciting will happen in February so I can write about something other than walking around Namba/Shinsaibashi again.

Take care everyone!!

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