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When the risen sun sets, the daytime, sightseeing filled Japan we know transforms into an electric playland sights and sounds. Some good, some bad, and some really ugly. But overall, somewhat tough to navigate.

I don't know about anyone else, but I've had quite a time finding a suitable place for a little night time fun. I've done overnight karaoke too many times to count, and most of the game centers are shut down by 2am. That still lives me 3 or 4 more hours before daylight, signaling the ruling populous that it's safe to come out.

Last year, I spent most of my holiday in some drunken dance spree with my cousin, sometimes with Shota (he's not much of a dancer D:), but we always ended up at the same club, Club Pure, located in Shinsaibashi (right next to Ebisubashi, off of Souemoncho), because of the all-you-can-drink discounted price for ladies. The music was decent, and the crowd wasn't bad. But recently, it started to suck. The last straw was the night when my friend had an entire drink spilled down her back. What the hell happened to club etiquette?? I actually spent an entire night just wandering between Namba and Shinsaibashi looking for a better place because I refused to put anymore money into that place.

And you would think finding clubs would be easy to find right?! No, no it's not D:. Even with flyers from a nearby restaurant, we only ever ended up in one club (Club Life) which had the tiniest crowd I've ever seen at any place titled as a club. Maybe Korean Night is not as popular as one would think in Japan (that, or the fact that the DJ running her playlist off of the itunes on MAC :< not very DJ-like).

Anyway, it's too cold to be caught in that situation anymore. So luckily, I stumbled upon this wonderful site..!
(Check out that awesome Beatles theme on my Firefox. Love ;) is a navi for clubs and live houses throughout Japan. Even now, I'm not exactly sure how I found it, but I'm so glad I did..!!

The main page usually puts you at events in your region. In my case, the Kansai area page, with the most popular events (based on star rating I think) scrolling through a display at the top. There's also a calendar so that you can display events by the day. Also, you might have noticed that a lot of the tabs are in English. Or maybe you even noticed the language function up top. If so, you get super sleuth points..! Unfortunately, the English capabilities only go so far as the tabs. Most of the information under events is still in Japanese. There is a translate button, but it just gives you one of those quick babelfish translations. The English tab is there, so maybe they're actually start translating information soon. Til then, you might have to deal with a little more of this "to 0... all admission free!
※ Man 2 drink separately!
※ Women 1 drink プレゼント from the free addition!"

Scrolling down a little further, you'll get information from their Twitter feed, your social networking links, and links for event tickets you can buy through the site. I think that's quite a handy feature since usually you have to buy tickets at your local 7andI or Family Mart. The e-ticket services works through mobile e-mails, but there is an option for other e-mail types as well.

If you start an account on the site, you can star events and artists you like, which will then be stored on your personal page. I just opened mine so it's pretty bare :<

Here's an example of an event page. The thing I really like about this site is that it can give you all the information you need about a venue or event. Prices, time sales (girls getting in before a certain time, drink buffets, etc.). The only problem is that sometimes the information in the top display doesn't match the information written in the details tab.
The map function is from Google Maps, so no worries there. As long as the information is accurate, you should be able to find the venue easily :)

The Artist tab under the Event page will give you full details on the DJs making an appearance, and usually links to their respective artist pages, which you can also star as well.

The main Artists page is really cool because they list the DJs with links to their sets/music videos on youtube. You wouldn't think you'd need to check out the DJ before, but if you're shelling out 3500+yen for an event, you might want to see if at least good music. ;D

An example of an individual artist page. There's a gallery, biography, event reports and schedule so you can gather all the info you need then decide if you want to check them out. 
The artist page doesn't only feature DJs either. The site caters to live houses as well, so you can find all kinds of musicians.

The bar list is a recent addition (as in I didn't notice it when I made my account last week. I'm pretty sure they just added it), but as of now it's listing only features bars in Tokyo. I do hope they update for the areas of Japan soon..!!♥

I really wanted to share this site with others because this was exactly the type of thing I wanted when I first moved to Osaka. I love going out at night, I love dancing and acting like a drunken fool around strangers, so this site just upped that part of my life by 100 points. It's much, much easier than collecting flyers from bars and restaurants (what I used to do), and it's tree friendly ;D.

So now, do you have plans for New Years in Japan??? I still don't ;o; But now there's no reason for me not too. If I make a post about how boring my New Years was, feel free to chide me for not trying hard enough :< 

And now I'll end this was a good party song (it's been stuck in my head since I went clubbing with my sisters back in Vegas). It's like the song you listen to when you're getting ready ;) Too bad I never look this fly D,:
Another good club one..!!


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