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Daily Life: Reflection

1:05 AM

I know the Christmas season is here. I can see it in the shop windows and displays, it's apparent in grocery stores and on bottles of cider.

But I don't feel it. And that's pretty sucky :[

It's only my second Christmas in Japan, but I'm ready to call it quits. I've already decided to spend next year's Christmas back home. At least a month. ;)

But it's not really all bad, Christmas in Japan. At least there's no shortage of light displays, despite the restrictions on electricity.

But that's not what this about. On to the photos :P

It being the season of weight-gain, I'm not trying to miss out. I bought two seasonal cream puffs! :D One was strawberry and custard maybe? The other was custard and cream I think. They were really good, but didn't really fill me with Christmas cheer or anything D:

Then on Thursday came my mandatory medical check D: Was definitely not feeling cheer after that. I missed part of the exam, so I'll have to go back again this Thursday, but I got most of it done last week. Thankfully.

BUT! As a semi-consolation prize, I went over to Blooming Beauty-Stage to get my straight perm touched up. This was my first time at a salon aside from Angel for my perm, so I was really nervous it would get eff'd up, but these ladies did not disappoint..!! I got a fabulous touch-up, AND a head and shoulder massage because I guess that's just what they do. I don't I'll ever be able to go to another salon again..
 Shota also got a cut, but my perm took so long that by the time we left, the day was done D: With no fun things accomplished and growling tummies, we just found the cheapest restaurant close to home for a quick dinner.

Super Washoku! Tasted like something we probably could have made at home buuut... I guess this is what happens when you're really lazy DD:

 Our next day-off (today), we made a trip out to IKEA..

That was a terrible, terrible idea. I was so frustrated and just cranky. There were too many free range children for any serious shopping to get done. And their parents weren't trying to be responsible and control them and just UGGHHHH.

We did get our sofa bed and futon though, so hopefully they'll be here on Thursday. Then I get to put it together. By myself (Shota is awful at putting things together). But I'm planning on doing a Merlin Season 1 marathon that day too, so it should be fine :)

But the food. OH THE FOOOOD. It was really good. I got the Swedish Christmas plate while Shota are just a salad and some korokke (a fried potato? kind of like a hash brown, but mushier).

That Swedish Christmas plate was soooo good. I want to have a Swedish Christmas now.. And the cheesecake!! It was just like home ;o; Not spongy like most of the cheesecake I've eaten lately..

The cinnamon roll left much to be desired though...

Despite all the madness inside the IKEA though, there was a gorgeous sky waiting for us outside. I love sunsets and clouds (I think I said that in my Kyoto post, but it bears repeating..!)

We were waiting for the shuttle bus to take us back to Namba station.

After our stressful shopping trip, we needed a release, so karaoke it was..! No time to go all the way to Shinsaibashi for Round1, so we stopped in at Karaoke Rainbow instead. I do love the lights and drink bar, but I don't like not having the option to pay by credit card.. Is that weird..?


Ah well. :x

Here's what I wore on Sunday :D Even though the temperature is steadily dropping, I'm still wearing my leather jacket. I'm sure I'll have to give it up soon, but I don't want tooo~
I'm trying to break in my Litas too..! I ♥ them so much that I've started ignoring my Pixie's..

That's all for today..! No plans until next Sunday. We should be meeting up with Yuta to go ice skating.. somewhere. We haven't decided yet. And then we'll probably go out for yakiniku.. again. :)

Take care in the cold weather guys!♥

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