Daily Life + Indoor Ice Skating in Namba: ♫ Don't Upset the Rhythm ♪

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Is that a scary sky or what!? I saw that on my way to work last Friday, and was quite worried that a typhoon has just shown up as some sort of sick surprise Christmas present. Ohh mother nature~~

The way the sun hit the clouds was quite lovely though, so it wasn't all bad :)

And before that crazy cloud formation, I had this show up..! Well, it was in a box, in pieces, when it showed up. But I put on my big girl boots and put this bad boy together..! All alone!! It only took 2 and a half hours :P

Sleeping on this is no replacement for a real bed, but TONS better than sleeping on the floor. Could not do another year of that~

Uggghhh... I don't remember exactly when I took this photo. That's the huge problem with taking photos on my phone. I soon forget about the ones I'd like to share...

Ah well, I might reuse this later on a post about Bike Etiquette in Osaka ;)

This past Sunday, we finally met up with Yuta..!! That last time we'd hung out was for Hanshin's last baseball game back in October. Hisashiburi-indeed! But everyone was in great spirits and the weather was great. Good day for hanging out.

This was taken while we were walking down Midosuji toward a Mexican restaurant called El Pancho. Unfortunately for us, it was packed with patrons..!! :<

I really wanted a chimichanga too....

So we made a U-turn back toward Namba. We still hadn't decided on what to eat, but Yuta kept declaring loudly that we needed to go out to eat more often so that things like this wouldn't happen.

Actually Yuta and Shota are in this photo. Hur hur hur~

JAWS! What an awesome theme for a bar..! :D I took this photo so I could remind myself to visit later on~

Osaka Muse looks intriguing as well.. Hmm.. this may not be good for my wallet DD: a.k.a. drinking is expensive in a bar..

We walked a little further, and we found this shop..! It's a jewelry shop, but the whole exterior is fashioned after some sort of medieval European building? At first, I thought it was a medieval-themed restaurant (which the ASoIaF/GoT fan in me would have died for), but seeing as it was just jewelry, we kept on keeping on.

I will probably go back later though..

I stopped mid-conversation for this. The building?? Oh no no no, the host club sign..! Usually, I don't care much for host club signage, but THIS club is called (Kemuri)Ikemen Paradise. Which is the name my friend's and I gave the host club at AnimeUSA when we started it :) (minus the kemuri part). Brought back lots of memories of hanging out with friends back home~

I wonder if there are any ikemen there tho~ I'm sure Shota won't let me find out. Awwwwww.

This was taken somewhere in between the Sennichimae street and Ebisubashi street. There are a bazillion little side streets running between those two major streets, and I often forget that that's where the coolest photo ops are.

I think this restaurant specializes in kushi-katsu..?? I don't know, I stopped listening to what Yuta and Shota were saying to take a nice photo. :]

 Another tiny street that will take you from Sennichimae to Ebisubashi. Take care though, because bikes are usually racing through here (not literally of course).

A French cafè in Namba. Like there aren't a bazillion of those..! Well.. there might not be.. I've seen a lot of English ones.. hmm..

Anyway, our French buddies Ludovic and Julius said the French used in there is all wrong. I guess it's the French equivalent of Engrish? Soo.. Furansu..Francoinese...Furansois..? I don't know, I'm no good at these things. And I've never taken a French course in my life, so I guess that doesn't help.

I did take 2 years of Spanish though, so I'm a pro at Spanish restaurants.. Muy bien~

About an hour or so later, we made it to the ice rink..! Our main event..! It's an indoor one, so there's nothing really seasonal or Christmas-y about it. But it was pretty busy anyway.

The only downside really is the price. The entrance fee is 1400 yen and the skate renting fee is 400 yen, so that's 1800 yen (about 20 bucks), blown on just ice skating. It's been a while since I've skated, but I don't recall it being that expensive... DD:

The coolest kids at the rink. I did see a couple other foreigners, but didn't talk to them :,<

It was Yuta's first time skating, but he said it was a lot of fun. Even with falling 5 or so times. I'm sure I fell more my first time though.

Shota said it wasn't his first time buuuut.. he was still wall-hugging Lol

Looking at this photo, you'd think Yuta was a pro ;)

If you'd like to check out this rink, the website is here.
It's called Naniwa Ice Skate-ba(place). It's located behind the Hankyu Namba station, past and one street or so behind the McDonalds across from the Namba Parks entrance. Here's a google map in case that made no sense ;)

That was a lot of fun, but I don't think I'm doing anything fun this week. HOWEVER, this is my last sort-of full week of work. From next week, I'm on vacation, so hopefully exciting things will ensue.

Also, I'm trying to start a vlog because I obviously have too much free time and have some hidden desire to see my face on the youtubes :P Mostly though, it's for talking about topics I don't want to type about. I'm also thinking about doing something about kansai-ben on there since I haven't done a written update in a while. It's only because I've run out of easy things to teach D; So sorry~

OH! Almost (well, I did) forgot..! Purikura! I didn't take a photo of my outfit that day because Yuta was hanging with us, but I did get a nice shot from a purikura machine :)
I love that batman skirt..!♥

Have a great everything..! :)

Couldn't forget the muzaks. From another one of my fashion inspirations:

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