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11:57 PM

Loved the American serving sizes :))
Wooow, it's been quiet around here..
Sorry 'bout that, I went out to Vegas to have a wedding, gambled and drank a lot. I wanted to pull a Hangover type deal, but really I'm not that exciting :0

This also meant that I was totally dependent on generous (and free) WiFi scattered throughout Vegas so that I didn't destroy my AU cell bill (I'm sure I did with phone calls though D:). I was able to read some blogs, and do a little commenting, but I mostly left my inboxes to overflow. It felt like an early Christmas once I got back home to check everything :D

But now I've cleared out everything computer-wise, all that's left is organizing you know.. my actual house and such. Lots of suitcases and bags about, omiyage to sort through, new clothes to put away (and take photos of for Pupegirl!!). Oh, and then there's work..! I started back the day after I arrived so now I'm short on sleep. Eek :/

However, most of that should be sorted by this Wednesday.. night.. or Thursday morning. Depends because I just started playing Batman Arkham City and it's AWESOME *nerd mode.* Ugh, evening just got more complicated and cluttered :) I like it.

Hope everyone is doing well..!! I'm gong to start blabbering all over your blogs now ♥ More updates to follow. Oh, and if you'd like to see anything about Osaka, let me know ;D

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