Out Of Kansai: Again

9:15 PM

It took forever, but I'm mostly done. At least with what I'm sharing here. Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of photos on my own camera/phone. I was too busy running around organizing, making sure people were okay, you know~

But here's the bit I did take and what I'd like to share. I know it's not really related to kansai, but Shota was there and he's from the kansai area, so it's somewhat a 6 degrees type thing :P

I'll also try to keep the talk to a min. For collages, the talk will follow the comic-book reading pattern (left to right, top to bottom). Enjoy :D

★Arriving in Las Vegas. Jeebus that was a long flight D:
★Having a late snack/early breakfast? It must've been around 4am, with two people in our party asleep on the table.
★My sisters and her bff at an oxygen bar. We didn't note any significant improvements in health while there, but it was fun.
★On the escalators in Bellagio. It probably shouldn't take 5 minutes to walk from the street to the hotel, but I guess that's just Vegas.
★The strip, looking at New York New York from MGM Grand.

★Some winter decorations for the shopping area in Bellagio.
★Snazzy Bellagio ashtray. Makes smoking look almost classy.
★This huge talking tree in their autumn display.
★The garden out by the pools at Bellagio.
★The view from our room on the 19th floor.

★Hitting up the Fremont in old Vegas. It was really old smelling inside. D: I liked the newer hotels better.. but that's just me probably ;]
★Photo Op with a not-so-legit Big Bird?? Why not! Shota first~
★Vegas balls. Not gonna lie, I wanted some.. but what the hell would I do with that in Japan? Not to mention how I would get it in my suitcase.
★I did like this tiny, tiny casino. I forgot the name, but they sold "26 New Orleans Daiquiris." Still not sure what made them specifically New Orleans, but they were good.
★Late night photo out in Fremont with Shota.
★My New Orleans Daiquiri. It was called "Voodoo." My friend got "Dead Man Walking."
★My photo Op with the Bird.
★Shota and Darby, the two coolest kids I know :)

★Went to the Grand Canyon with mom dukes. Aside from being ridiculously cold, and me being in short-shorts, tons of fun!
★I forgot the name of this part of the canyon. It's in the south rim though.
★Hanging out by the edge.
★A Long drop.
★And then a warm fire :)

★A coordinate with red pants.
★A coordinate with tiny shorts and "A Clockwork Orange" tee. I love that tee..!
★Finally got to wear my batman maxi. Love it to pieces.
★Playing around in the gardens at Bellagio.
★Posing in front of Paris Hotel while waiting for the bus :P

 Did I mention I went shopping?? Pretty serious stuff~ I started off with a plan of what to buy, but in the end, I just started buying things I wanted. I hope I'm not the only person that happens to D: I did get JCs and a new pair of fringe boots like I planned. Almost everything from the second collage is from PacSun. I don't know if it's because I used to work there or not, but I definitely spent a lot there. And I was super disappointed with H&M's I saw. I always seem to go when the collection is shitty subpar, but I know they have good stuff because all my friends get awesome clothes from there. IDGI ;w;..
Anyway, I can't wait to wear those Litas somewhere..!! Maybe to a museum or something..

Some essentials (make-up wise) that I'm mostly sure I can't get in Japan. Like foundation, but I think that's a given. Japan also has a lack-luster collection of Maybelline and Rimmel mascara, so I picked up those. Plus, make-up is a little cheaper this way :P

ALSO, I'm willing to do a swap with anyone who can get me the Tokidoki brush set from Sephora. I totally forgot about it when I was in Sephora. I'll swap for anything you want from Japan that goes for around the same price (I think that set was around $50, so I'm willing to do 5,000yen flat on anything from Japan). Please, if you're interested e-mail me..!!

Damn you Sephora and your non-international shippin' ass >:

 And last, but not least :)

A collage of some photos from the wedding. I wish I had higher quality ones, but the company wanted $1.5K for digital copies, and I'm pretty broke to begin with so that wasn't going to work >: Plus the collage maker only saves photos in super low quality jpegs. I didn't want to bother with png~ Oh wells >':

So that's all..! Now it's too ridiculously cold in Osaka for me to go just wandering around the city, especially outdoors. So I'm looking for some nice indoor activities. I also had some more photos to share of Namba City and Namba Parks, but now it feels like they're too old and outdated because the Christmas season has started. DANGIT. I might write up about it anyway though because I've not written about Namba City on here yet.. I think. Or Parks for that matter.
As always, any requests/questions/comments/concerns, you can e-mail or comment. Or try telepathically if you like. :P

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