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Shota is a big sports guy, but I've been putting off going to any sports games (for over 2 years!?) with him because I get really bored. I'm much better at playing sports than watching them. But finally, we got an offer we couldn't refuse, free tickets. So I had to suck it up and make the trip out to the Kyocera Dome for my first baseball game in Japan. We brought extra alcohol. ;D

The game we got the free tickets to was any Orix Buffaloes game in September, and finally made it out on a lovely autumn day this week, the end of September (that shows how long I put off going to a FREE game D:).

Kyocera Dome is home to the Orix Buffaloes team as well as Hanshin Tigers team (sort of), both of which are "Osaka" teams. Though technically, Hanshin's main field is in Hyogo and the Buffaloes also represent Kobe. Let's just say we like to share in kansai ;). If you need some directions to Kyocera Dome, you can find them in this post (which is actually about taking place next weekend in the dome).

Kyocera Dome is pretty big, I think. It's where a lot of pop group hold dome events (I went to a SMAP show here last year), and is often used for other large scale events. There's also plenty to eat, like any stadium, but expect inflated prices D':, per any stadium anywhere. The fatty in me was a little sad since they had "American Dogs" a.k.a. corn dogs and I wanted to eat a ton. I really love corn dogs :D.

Because these were freebie tickets, we could choose any seat within a specified area. I think a lot of people were probably using up their freebie because there were a lot of seats taken in our area, and lots of space elsewhere.

I feel bad for the Orix team because from what I see on TV, they aren't that weak in the Pacific League, they actually do pretty well, but they just don't have the popularity of Hanshin Tigers. This unfortunately leads to somewhat vacant stadiums, and in this case, the visiting team's fans being much louder than Orix fans.

I did try to scream a little, though it was usually at the wrong time. I kept getting caught up in the Chiba Mariner's fight song (it's so catchy!).

At the beginning of the game, they had a traditional Japanese dance performance by some young ladies from Kumamoto Prefecture. I took a video, but I was so far away, it's really hard to see them at at. I'll probably upload it anyway after checking out the data :).

I think the best part about the baseball game was hearing the old people cuss each other out. We even had an old man and woman get into it right behind us. The old man was cheering for the Mariner's, and the old woman told him to shut it. Then he told her to go home and she told him to get to a bar or something. I just like hearing them call each other "boke." :D

Overall, it was pretty good. I finished my two cans of chu-hai before the fourth inning had begun, so I started getting antsy and.. well bored. I know I'm a bad baseball (and sports) fan, but damn if Shota isn't trying to change that :P. He let me get a corn dog, then we decided to leave after the 7th inning, though he declared that was the time it was going to get really good. I was quite happy to leave that all behind and get back home to my work and soft indoor clothes :3.

I'm getting forced to another baseball game this month (October) though. Lucky me..! I need to find an English speaking friend to drag with me because being stuck at a baseball game with two Japanese dudes sounds like the antithesis of fun, plus I'll be vetoed on any idea to return home early D:. Though it is a Hanshin game, so hopefully more dancing (by me) and shouting (by them) will be involved :D.

Oh, I couldn't let the other young girls show me up either..!
Trying to keep it jazzy neo-urban rock or something. Sliding down those handrails like a pro.
Though that sounds kind of nasty when you read it out loud.

Oh, and Orix Buffaloes lost, if you were wondering ;).


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