Daily Life: Hanging Out in Osaka

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I wanted to just share some quick photos taken while hanging out with a friend in Namba this past Sunday. Hopefully not too much next (though sometimes I just can't help myself). You may also find some of these on tumblr too :]

<--The current billboard near Dotonbori is Kimura Kaela!! She's one of my favorite Japanese artist and I think her musical style ranges from pop to pop rock, and even a more electronica-type feel (I don't know what to label songs like Circle or Hug). I was lucky enough to see her live this past summer and despite her crazy, stinky, deranged man-fans, it was amazing..!! I'd like to see her again sometime :D

The main objective for being in Namba was shoe shopping! Our friend Yuta has been walking around in the same Converses probably for the last 3+ years, and his grandma threatened him into getting a new pair.

And me, being the shoe-freak I am, couldn't resist oggling a pair myself. I'm totally saving up for these..!! That fur is sick-nasty!♥

While we were on Shinsaibashi-suji, we hit up SPINNS, which is like a street-style and used clothing shop across from Daimaru. Sometimes they carry items from Forever 21 as well. I wasn't actually planning on shopping, but when I saw these items, I couldn't stop myself.

Japan knows how to feed my American nerdy side so good♥ Totally rocking this with the furry Nike's (when I get them).

Then we walked over to Namba Parks, where I bullied Shota into taking my photo. I used these shots for my Chictopia profile because I secretly want to be a fashionista :P I don't follow trends very well but I'm pretty committed to street-style I guess?? I have no idea~

I do love these leggings though. I call them my "Fifth Element" leggings.
Sorry, I think my geek is showing again...

fell out of continuity ;o;
After Namba Parks, we decided to head back to the apartment, drop off some bags then go up to Uehonmachi for dinner. There's a huuuuge hill from Nipponbashi to Uehonmachi though, and it's a real biotch to ride up, especially in platforms.

But I beat the boys anyway, and snapped this photo of a nearby temple while waiting.

I love temples!♥

Did I mention I'm addicted to sunsets as well?? I must have close to a hundred sunsets, but I share them all on tumblr anyway. I think they're all a little different, but because they're the same subject, there's a continuity to them. Like a series. :D

And finally, we ended up at the ABC-Mart in YUFURA in Uehonmachi, where I forced Yuta into these leopard Converses because he couldn't find silver ones. Aren't the bees-knees?! I almost convinvced him into getting them, but he backed out and just ordered a silver pair.

He'll picking them up the next time he comes to Osaka for our (yea, the three of us lol) baseball outing. We've got this weird threesome thing gong on because Yuta is girlfriend-less, though he always complains about how he wants a girlfriend. Is it really that hard to get a girlfriend?? I can't believe it~~ He's pretty charming too :P When he's not muttering or shuffling his feet...

I bet if he'd gotten the leopard pair, he'd be able to get a girlfriend. The silver sequin ones.. I'm not so sure, but we'll see. I'm gonna try to drag him out for Halloween party hunting in Namba at the end of this month..! What kind of costume can he make out of silver converses?? Any ideas??

I know this is kind of quick and sloppy, but I just wanted to share some photos that aren't really related to a shop review or specific outing. Just a really quick and simple look at hanging out..? I guess? I don't know ~3~); Was it any fun too look at?? Please let me know..! ;w;


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