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I think there's no better way to start off a daily post than with delicious food..! And this meal truly was delicious! It was my first round of yakiniku since "the incident," and I came out unscarred and with a new addiction to Collagen Kiwi cocktails (the green drink). In spite of it's appearance, it's quite tasty. So was the rice covered in seaweed (stage left).

The restaurant is from a chain of yakiniku places called Gyuukaku 牛角. When I checked Foursquare on my phone, I think 5 to 7 other shops popped up in the immediate vicinity.

Not too hard to find.

And relatively in expensive. We got all you can eat food and drink, and for 3 people we only topped out around 95 bucks. That's really good for all you can eat and drink yakiniku..! I won't bother with writing up a separate post on this place because you could probably, quite literally, find it anywhere.

Look! More food :)
My mother-in-law bullied me (nicely) into a flu shot this past Monday. But I think as a consolation prize, she bought up bento gyuudon (beef bowl with rice), korokke (fried potato, but shaped like a meat patty), and some nikuman (meat buns) for me to take home for dinner.

I think I've mentioned how awesomely sweet moms can be. When she wants to. Or is obligated to.

Too bad I forgot to snap a photo before I ate most of it :X..

This also happened on Monday. I was working on ideas for a new tattoo, and how much I'd love to get a Tank Girl one since she's probably the reason I ended up the way I am (particularly the strange and violent part, but SHHH don't tell Shota ;D). The tattoo would be without Rebecca though, just the target, bomb and lettering. But I don't want to get it while Shota's family is there because I feel it might be somewhat insensitive to be flashing around a bomb tattoo. I'll probably save this for my return to the states. Kind of like a welcome home tat :D GOOD IDEA..! You can check out more of my art on my art tumblr is you like..! I would appreciate it *wink wink*

These arrived on Wednesday..! My jewels..!!! :D I hunted around the net for some antique-looking jewels to go with my dress. The dress itself has an antique 1920s look to it, so I wanted to keep the theme going with a old school veil and jewels. I did end up finding a nice company and their work was great, but the service was SAIYAKU (terrible)!! I wouldn't recommend them to anyone :/

The jewel looks great though :) Swarovski crystal and silver (probably painted, but it looks nice LOL).

Then this happened on Thursday..!! I got my first set of extensions. I want to do this long and wavy look (you know what for), so I went to a nearby salon in Uehonmachi. They did a fantastic job..! And the staff was a lot of fun to talk to. We even started talking about reading Naruto and One Piece back in high school :P ALSO, they offered this aroma therapy arm message while you were getting your hair done, and it was only 1,050 yen, so I couldn't refuse. And I'm really glad I got it..!

I can't wait to go back next month ;o; They were really a lot of fun... Did I mention she took the time out to mix different colors of hair to make sure it would match mine?! She was working it like it was paint. Maybe I'm just easily impressed though.. :X

Shota and I were both in a great mood (though he was a little weirded out by the hair), so we decided to head down to Bic Camera in Namba just for a pair of headphones.

It was much busier than I expected, and Shota was amazed by all the foreigners present. I think he just never notices them on the weekends because there's sooo many people. Anyway, he mentioned it every time someone walked by, but I think it's because he wanted to talk to them and ask them where they're from. He's quite curious, but also shy, so he ends up asking me instead. Like I'm supposed to know..??? *shakes head*

I had some points left over on my Bic Camera card, so I was able to get a new phone cover for my Android.

Unfortunately, after a season, most models are no longer in fashion, and that's especially true with AU/KDDI. I don't understand who is really keeping up and buying phones every season, but I wish they would stop D:

Anyway, since my phone is an oldie, covers are extremely rare and hardcovers (like what I wanted) are expensive. But thanks to my points, instead of spending 3000 yen (around 33 bucks) on a cover, I got this one for 410 yen (about 5 bucks). And it's got the Batman on it..!! I'm sure it impresses no one in Japan, but my friends back home would love it..!

We also had to stop this Western/Native American -themed shop for some oil for Shota's leather wallet.

We'd been there several times before, so we've gotten to know everyone there and usually end up chatting for a bit, but this day there was a new girl..! She was quite sweet. :)

Anyway, I saw these earrings hanging on a display, and I most literally couldn't take my eyes off them. I don't know if it's the beading on the metal part that attracted me, but they were also pretty cheap at 1,050 yen (must've been a 1050 kind of day Lol), so I picked them up too..!
Oh, the plant..! A freebie from the hair salon, part of their renewal speacial. I hope it doesn't die..! It's called a Happiness Tree. That would be back luck if it died right..??? D: Did I mention I'm bad with plants....

That's probably all for this week. Unfortunately, I'm unable to do exciting things like I wanted for Halloween this Saturday, but we're going in for several hours of karaoke on Sunday, so that kind of makes up for it :)

I don't think I'll be having anymore busy weeks like this, but I'll be back in the States in the early to mid part of November, so I'm either going to set up some stuff to post automatically while I'm gone or just make up some time when I come back. We'll see what happens..!

Til then, everyone be safe..! It's gettin' colder and that flu's gonna be comin' 'round soon! Protect yo' neck!!


Oh, bonus stage..!! Because this song has been on repeat on my Zune for the past few days :D Enjoy!

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