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Kiraria is a kansai-based beauty website that provides information, reviews, and links to hundreds of beauty, nail, and hair salons in the kansai area.

I first found this site through their TV program that runs at some time in the middle of the nightヽ(°▽、°)ノ But it's really nice because they review salons on TV and it really helps you get a feel for the atmosphere. And for people really picky about the "vibe" of places, like me, their show is a great way to get a little insight.

But if you're not a night stalker, like me (´_`。), then don't worry because they put all their videos on their website for you to watch anytime..! So convenient :)

On to the Site!!

You can make an account where you can save images of hair styles, nails, and salons you'd like to visit. They also have a horoscope section (do you see how low my love life was that day?! Shota and I must've had a fight :P), and current presents for users. Off to the right, are more links. There's a jobs board, a home make-over page, a page that links to videos from the TV program, coupon section and then the presents again. They really want to give you free stuff (;´▽`)y-~~
One of my favorite things about this site is the coupon section. Compared to the countryside (where I usually go to get my hair done), Osaka is kind of expensive. A straight perm like I usually get, which is about 9,000 yen in Nara, is over 11,000 yen in Osaka, sometimes not including a wash and blow-dry. And that's just at a regular, not so popular, still pretty small salon. I don't even want to look at a well-known spot. ( ´;д;)

But Kiraria offers discounts at hundreds of shops. You can even see on the screenshot, there are over 4,000 coupons available, over 2,000 of them being for hair salons alone, in the kansai area.

They coupons can range from discounts, to buy-one-get-one free type deals, so read the details as carefully as you can. Oh, the site is only available in Japanese, so you should definitely use RIKAICHAN to help with the language barrier. Though any seasoned shopper would be able to get around pretty easily, the site itself is quite intuitive.


 There are thousands of pictures for you to browse through for some hair and nail inspiration. All the photos come from salons too, so if you find a style you like, you know exactly where to go to get it done. Now that's just ridiculously convenient. It takes most of the stress out of the salon search. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

You can also narrow down your search with some parameters. The hair parameters are in this order: Length, Image (what style you're going for), Menu (what you want done), Color and Area. For the nail parameters, you can choose from: Type (bio-gel, tips), Image (pop, ethnic, gorgeous), Menu (do you 3D or stones?), Design, Color, and Area.

You can also do a shop search based on where you are and what you want done.

I've already started collecting shops to visit in the future, and really enjoy browsing the catalogs for ideas on what to do with my hair. Hopefully other kansai visitors or residents will find this useful as well..! :)


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