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Shinkansen Video & Traveling out of kansai :O

11:39 PM

I've haven't been completely idle this week..! I finish some portfolio work, and also edited up this video! It's from a trip I took back in May (so long ago..!ヽ(=´Д`=)ノ) on the Nozomi shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo. The Nozomi train the fastest bullet train in service I think. It can get you to Tokyo in 2.5 hours! It was much preferred to the 8 hour bus we were originally going to use ( ´;д;).

Anyway, check it out if you have some time. It's pretty long, but the music is relaxing. I think it represents the feeling of riding on the train in Japan well :)

We were going to Tokyo to enjoy some QT at Disneyland and Disney Sea. I like to pretend I'm an adult most of the time, but deep, deep down, I just want to run around theme parks all day. A theme park filled with my most treasured cartoon characters is all the better. It also reminded me of my futile dream of working for Disney's Visual Development department. Ahh, a girl can dream (●´-`●).

You can also take a look at some photos we took. These are, obviously, all outside of kansai, but it's nice to step out of the expected sometimes ( ´ ▽ ` )

Disney Sea
Arabian Market Place
King Trition's Underwater Kingdom or something or other
A view from the Aladdin area to The Little Mermaid area
 Tokyo Disneyland

Still celebrating Easter even though it was May...
Space Mountain - owned that~
Near the PotC ride
Me, trying to be cool on the Mickey bus. Hearing Mickey's voice in Japanese was.. weird.
The reason I'm so 2D animation crazy now.
Food from the buffet in The Red Queen's Banquet Hall. My first taste of rotisserie chicken since.. I don't even know when. It was so GOOD.

Unfortunately, while we were running around Disney Sea, there was a typhoon. But that surely didn't stop us from getting on ALL the rides. When we were at Disneyland, it was sunnier, so there were more people and the waits were a lot longer. We just got on the ones we really wanted and spent the rest of the day hunting down characters for photo ops. 

I was kind of disappointed that the roller coasters weren't.. really roller coasters. I wasn't even surprised at the drops, just mildly entertained. But I might just be used to Six Flags roller coasters that have to make up for their lack of character merchandise with amazing roller coasters. The Superman roller coaster in Six Flags Over America is still my all time fave.

All this talk of roller coasters has made me homesick, so I better head to bed. I have a lot of lessons tomorrow so I can't go in looking all tired and beat (=´Д`=).


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